8 Steps To Creating The Ultimate Relaxing Bath With Essential Oils

Here at NEOM, the one thing we are most passionate about is our WELLBEING – and when it comes to feeling good, a bath has the POWER!

8 Steps To Creating The Ultimate Relaxing Bath With Essential Oils

Here at NEOM, the one thing we are most passionate about is our WELLBEING – and when it comes to feeling good, a bath has the POWER! 🛀

We’re here to give you a little insight into why….

There is a long history of research into how raising body temperature can have a positive effect on mood but more specifically, a study published by New Scientist in 2018, linked afternoon baths with a lift in mood. Interestingly, the size of the lift was on par with the mood-boost associated with physical exercise. If you’re intrigued, you can find out more about how hot baths could improve depression as much as physical exercise here.

Let’s be clear, we are not about to downplay the importance of physical exercise and movement when it comes to our wellbeing (such as things like doing yoga poses for better sleep) but we are passionate about the variety of little things we can do, each day, to lift our mood and a soak in the bath may well be another one of those simple, easy, FEEL-GOOD things.

So, if you’re ready to get the FEEL-GOOD factor from your bath-time routine, here are our top-tips to make sure that when you do take the plunge, it’s not just any bath, it’s the ULTIMATE RELAXING BATH.

Of course, special thanks in achieving this goes to nature’s glorious gift to us - essential oils! 🌿🙏

How to Achieve the Ultimate Relaxing Bath

Comforting Heat

The study mentioned above, found the lift in mood was linked to a soak in 40°C water. This might be a good starting point for the optimum temperature for the ultimate relaxing bath but importantly, you should find the temperature that works for you.

If you’ve ever hopped into the shower and found it scolding hot after another family member or flatmate beat you to it, then you’ll know what we mean when we say each of us is different!

Take your time to get the temperature right – too hot, and you’ll be desperate to get out, too cold and you’ll meet the same fate. So, that means not leaving the hot (or cold tap) running whilst you rush off and do something else. Once the temperature is all set, hop in and let the warmth flood your body to restore a blissful sense of calm and tranquillity for ultimate relaxation.

Magnificent Waters

Getting the temperature right is one thing, but what we put in our bath water can also add a whole new realm to the sense of bliss your bath can bring. We’re not talking rubber ducks here (although if they help you relax, then who are we to stop you!) but more-so the wonders of bubbles and bath salts and expertly blended essential oils that can be dropped into the water to help achieve that ultimate sense of relaxation.

At NEOM, our Real Luxury Bath Foam is specially formulated with the Scent to De-Stress fragrance containing lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood for the ultimate relaxing bath experience. Similarly, try some essential oil bath drops to release powerful aromas.

Bath Foam

The Marvel of Music

Creating a relaxing bath isn’t just about what’s in the bath, but also the atmosphere we create around us whilst we enjoy our long soak. Music, as we know, can have a powerful effect on our mood, so picking the right songs and sounds can help to create the ultimate relaxing haven.
Thanks to our incredible world of technology, there’s tonnes of playlists already created for you when it comes to calming bath-time music. Try Spotify, Youtube or Apple Music and a quick search will find you the perfect ready-made playlist to help you achieve a totally zen bathroom atmosphere.

Enchanting Aromas

Another way to personalise the setting for your ultimate relaxing bath-time routine is to fill your room with enchanting aromas. This can totally transform your bath from good to glorious! There are so many, super-easy ways to add scents to your bath-time routine too. It could come from what you put in the bath itself - the bubbles or the expert blend of essential oils - or what you have outside of the bath, such as an essential oil room mist or a beautifully scented natural candle.

At NEOM, our 3-wick Real Luxury Scented Candle is a favourite for de-stress and relaxation. It expertly blends 24 of the purest possible essential oils to help you create calm, but we’ve also got loads of other options for you, when it comes to aromas. Spend some time experimenting with our different ranges until you find your favourite scent.

The Gift of Time

So, you’ve got the temperature just right, the bubbles are enticing, the music is soothing, and the room simply smells delicious, now comes the key to making this bath worthwhile – don’t rush.

Allow yourself the gift of time. Between fifteen and thirty minutes will ensure you make the most of the relaxation-haven you’ve created for yourself. Watch out for those wrinkly fingers though – that’s usually a sign it’s time to get out!

Digital Detox

Tech can be an incredible thing for so many reasons, we don’t deny it (including finding ourselves an awesome bath-time playlist!). Having some down-time from communications with the outside world, however, can be vital to our wellbeing.

There’s a whole host of research out there empowering us to take time to switch-off from tech, particularly before bed if quality sleep is our desired destination. Let your bath-time be your digital-detox time. That way you can truly allow your mind to relax and revel in the ultimate bath-time experience.

 bedtime skin nourishment

Skin Nourishment

For the ultimate relaxing bath, try not to skip the step that takes care of your body as well as your wellbeing. Exfoliate with a body scrub - like our Great Day Body Scrub - to give your skin a long-lasting glow and feel the uplifting effect of the pure essential oil blend as you scrub.

This can be used on both damp skin in the bath, or dry skin once out of the bath. Whilst nourishing your skin with moisturiser, body butter or body oil as part of your bath-time routine, allow the incredible aromas of expertly blended essential oils used in our products, to help you feel as happy and healthy as your skin.

Sheer Bliss of a Fluffy Towel

Finally, the ultimate relaxing bath experience doesn’t have to stop the moment you convince yourself it’s time to get out of the warm, bubbly waters either. End it by wrapping up in a wonderfully fluffy towel and prolong the sense of relaxation. If your towels have seen better days and fluffy just doesn’t quite fit the description, fear not, all may not be lost! A quick internet search on ‘how to make your towels fluffy again’ will give you plenty of ways to revive an older, scratchy towel without you needing to splash the cash on new ones.

Enjoy a Relaxing Bath with NEOM

We hope you’re feeling inspired to try the ultimate relaxing bath for yourself and would love to hear stories of how the wonders of essential oils help you to achieve the FEEL-GOOD factor from your bath-time routine.

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