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Bring Aromatherapy Home with Electric Diffusers

Let our electric diffusers fill your home with our incredible (and 100% natural) essential oils by choosing your favourite blend to suit any mood or moment. 

A relaxing nightly routine is a must for those looking to sleep better and our sleep diffusers were created with this in mind. Let your electric diffuser bring soothing lavender and chamomile scents into your bedroom to help you relax before bed. Our electric diffusers can also be timed to auto switch off meaning you can drift off to this calming aroma with peace of mind. Pair with one of our relaxing pillow mists for the ultimate way to prepare for a Perfect Night’s Sleep.

Make Our Electric Diffusers the Centrepiece of Your Space

Meet our Wellbeing Pod family of scented diffusers, each cleverly created to diffuse our 100% natural Essential Oil Blends at the touch of a button. Expect beautiful home fragrance… but with a wellbeing boost too. 

Ouoriginal Wellbeing Pod Diffuser is best suited to any room in your home and will diffuse for up to 7 hours. For an even bigger boost go for our Wellbeing Pod Luxe Diffuser which was made with open-plan living and larger spaces in mind. With a remote control and bigger tank, this oil diffuser is the of our Pod family members. Both double up as an ambient lighting solution too and even have a unique breathing mode function to help you further create a moment of calm. 

For smaller spaces, or for scenting on-the-go, you’ll love our Wellbeing Pod Mini Diffuser. It’s both waterless and wireless so works wonders as an essential oil car diffuser too. Compact in size, and with a nude or black finish, simply screw in your favourite diffuser oil and you’re good to go… whenever, wherever.

Give the Ultimate Gift with Electric Diffusers

Our Wellbeing Pod aromatherapy diffusers are the ultimate home fragrance or wellbeing gift and are always well-received. 

Choose from our readymade Wellbeing Pod bundles where we’ve paired some of our bestselling Essential Oil Blends. Or why not team it with one of our luxury candle gifts to help them really max out on scenting. They really are a crowd-pleaser no matter who you’re looking to gift.

Achieve Your Wellbeing Goals with NEOM

NEOM helps you to harness the powerful benefits of aromatherapy from the comfort of your own home thanks to our 100% natural essential oil blends. Discover our collection of 3 wick candles, luxury bubble bath, and aromatherapy room sprays to find your next feel-good favourite.