How To Optimise Your Home Workout (With Essential Oils!)

When we’re working out, we’re always looking to push ourselves that little bit EXTRA.

How To Optimise Your Home Workout (With Essential Oils!)

When we’re working out, we’re always looking to push ourselves that little bit EXTRA. But did you know that essential oils can help to take your home workout to the next level?

We’ve got some tips that’ll help you feel AMAZING whilst you’re feeling the burn! LET’S DO THIS!

Get A Brilliant Boost Of Energy

Before you get started, set up your Wellbeing Pod nearby to your exercise mat or workout space. Squeeze in a few drops of our Feel Refreshed Essential Oil Blend and let the aromas work their magic. This blend is made up of 24 different oils, all of which have been specifically chosen to help you to feel refreshed and ENERGISED.

Breathe in the revitalising fragrances of Sicilian lemon and fresh basil before you start and, as you work out, the scents will help keep you focused and motivated, which is ideal if you’re looking to complete a more demanding session.

Is yoga part of your home workout routine? If so, add in a few drops of our Focus The Mind Essential Oil Blend into your Wellbeing Pod. The combination of pine, rosemary, wild mint, and cinnamon oils help to purify the air around you naturally, and the uplifting scents allow you to feel clear and present.

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Explore The Great Outdoors AKA Your Back Garden!

Getting a bit of fresh air whilst you exercise is always a good thing. If you’re doing your workout outside in your garden, apply some Energising Hand Balm and some Energy Burst Body Oil on your hands and arms.

Then, just before your workout, cup your hands over your nose and mouth and breathe in for 7 seconds and breathe out slowly for 11 seconds. This will allow you to fully experience the stimulating aromas of grapefruit, rosemary and lemon, which will help you put in that little bit extra and to stay as fresh-minded as possible throughout.

To top things off, make sure that you’ve got a great playlist that’s ready to go. Studies show that having some upbeat tunes playing during your session can help you to train for longer periods. So start MOVING and get GROOVING!

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How To ‘Win’ At Winding Down

So you’ve got your workout sorted, but what about your warm down? Making sure that you properly relax after a session is essential when it comes to recovery.

When it’s time to wind down after your exercise, massage in some Complete Bliss Magnesium Body Butter. It’s no secret that here at NEOM, we LOVE magnesium! A little of this stuff can go a LONG way. It can assist with muscle recovery and reduce lactic acid build-up. On top of that, this body butter is also infused with 17 essential oils, including Moroccan blush, lime and black pepper. These floral yet fruity fragrances will help you to cool off and unwind after an intense session.

When you sit down to give your legs a rest, make your wind down complete by lighting a Real Luxury Scented Candle. The calming scents of Brazillian rosewood and lavender will help put you into a relaxed mindset to plan the rest of your day.

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