The surprising benefits of peppermint essential oil

A breath of fresh air for your mind (and body)

The surprising benefits of peppermint essential oil

We love an After Eight as much as the next person, but thinking outside the box when it comes to peppermint can yield great results for your wellbeing. We’re talking energising wellbeing, cooling and soothing for the skin, the potential for clearing the complexion and more. Studies on peppermint oil are gaining momentum, but here’s what we know so far...


The big one! Aside from giving you a zing of natural energy when you inhale the invigorating scent, the components of peppermint essential oil have been shown to increase energy and performance when taken as a supplement. Menthol (the main component of peppermint oil) also increases blood flow when it’s applied to your skin, helping to give you that take-on-the-world feeling.

What is salicylic acid anyway?

In a nutshell, methyl salicylate, is a derivative of salicylic acid found in peppermint oil. Some research suggests that this derivative breaks down into salicylic acid when applied on the skin. Salicylic acid is shown to have a natural exfoliating action, helping skin shed its top layer of dead skin cells and helping you feel rejuvenated and silky smooth!

Anti inflammatory

The main component of peppermint essential oil is menthol, which is known to have anti inflammatory properties when applied topically. You’ll find it used in lots of pain relief and soothing medications, for its ability to act as a ‘counter irritant’ and stimulate the outer layer of skin to soothe redness, swelling and sensitivity. If you’re looking for natural alternatives and have sensitive skin, peppermint oil could be one for you.


In real world terms, that counter irritant action feels like that cooling (then warming) effect on your skin, which in itself is blissful if you’re experiencing any irritation or itchiness.That might sound like a contradiction to its energy-boosting action, but replacing irritation with that wonderful tingling sensation is a body care WIN for both your skin and your energy levels.


Peppermint oil is antiseptic, which is excellent news for anyone hoping to fight acne, naturally. Its little sister spearmint was also shown in a study by Dr Carl Thornfeldt (2016) to reduce acne lesions by 51% after three months.

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