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When you create a little pot of wonder - that can really do SO much, you can’t call it anything else apart from... The Wonder Balm. If you’re not sure what we mean, when we say skin, lips & BITS. Let’s explain.

Moisturise, nourish, soften & soothe any part of your skin, lips & bits – you can really use it for anything. Think dry elbows, heels, hands, cuticles, knees - you name it, it works.

Use 1: Lips

Snow, wind, ice, rain = chapped, sore lips (surely it’s not all that kissing?). Our pot, (that has a gorge rose gold lid) is a blend of naturally-good oils like nourishing almond oil and sunflower oil with vitamin E and omega-6 to soothe and treat sore lips.

Great Day Wonder Balm

Use 2: Skin

Elbows, knees, heels. Those areas that get the most wear-and-tear. Chapped cheeks or dry patches on your face? Wonder balm to the rescue. The little pot has olive oil and vitamin rich shea butter and is light enough (not too thick or sticky) - yet gooey enough to glide onto skin, sink in and get skin smoother (and generally a lot happier).

Use 3: Bits

Cuticles and knuckles (even the bit between your fingers), literally any little dry bits! The cute pot is your happy companion for all dry skin needs and anywhere you need that super moisture surge.

Perfect Night's Sleep Wonder Balm

Use 4: Dry ends

Charlotte our Social Media Manager swears by it as an overnight treatment to nourish dry ends. “I simply just scoop up a little onto my finger and dab it on before bed whenever my hair is getting dry and then in the morning wash it all off.”

Use 5: Make up kit

Cat from our commercial team (who is also a makeup artist) has added it to her kit. “I love to use the Wonder Balm to add sheen to lips, cheeks, mix with eye shadows or for a quick swipe over eyebrows to keep them shiny (and in place).”

Perfect Night's Sleep Wonder Balm

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