Why prickly pear seed oil could be the secret to your glow

It’s in our Great Day Glow system for a reason...

Why prickly pear seed oil could be the secret to your glow

Our Great Day Glow system isn’t just named for fun, 82% of people who tried it said their skin felt cleansed, softened and radiant. And that’s totally down to the hero ingredients in the mix, which includes soybean oil, peppermint oil and prickly pear seed oil, among other nourishing must-haves. Every ingredient is chosen for its ability to blend expertly and work alongside the other, and each one has one important factor: it boosts that GLOW. Dull, tired complexion be gone. Meet just one of the ingredients, prickly pear seed oil…

Anti ageing

Prickly pear seed oil is packed with that property so many naturals have antioxidants. They fight free radicals that cause damage and signs of ageing (hello fine lines and wrinkles) so they are a skincare WIN. Prickly pear seed oil is so good at this because of its high concentration of vitamin E and Omega 6 - in fact, it’s THE highest concentration of vitamin E out there, which helps reverse and heal damage from UV rays.

The antioxidants present in prickly pear seed oil are also known as betalains, which can be found in other plants like beetroot and acai. And we know how good those superfoods are for us.

Calms inflammation

The essential fatty acids in prickly pear seed oil (including linoleic acid) have super effective calming properties, reducing redness and inflammation. It also has sebum-fighting properties, stopping it from hardening on the skin and forming acne, so you’re left with a clearer, more even complexion.


And now for the GLOW. Prickly pear seed oil has a high concentration of vitamin K, which is brilliant for brightening hyperpigmentation and dark spots. It can also make a big difference to dark circles which is something of a game changer when it comes to evening out those tones.


Those fatty acids are also fantastic for restoring the lipids that give skin its elasticity, not only leaving you feeling hydrated but also leaving you with a youthful plump feel, that only adds to that radiant glow.

Cell renewal

The antioxidant powerhouse that is prickly pear seed oil also promotes the rejuvenation of cells. This is the process that your skin goes through at night as you sleep, to repair and restore your glow from the day and heal stress caused by pollution, sun damage, air conditioning and just LIFE.

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