Why we love wheat germ oil for natural skincare

This radiance boosting all-rounder is a hard worker in your skin routine

Why we love wheat germ oil for natural skincare

Wheat: totally familiar in the baked goods aisle, not so familiar in terms of bathroom shelf. So what’s the germ? Wheat germ essential oil is derived from that same crop we know and love, by cold-expressing the germ (that’s the bit that contains all the nutrients). And wow does it have some benefits for your skin. We use it in our Great Day Glow range for its high vitamin E concentration. And vitamin E is known to have some seriously good benefits for your skin. Get acquainted...


Wheat germ oil is incredibly high in vitamin E, in fact, this is one of the highest concentrations you can get. Vitamin E has that amazing free radical fighting power of an antioxidant. In turn, antioxidants are the magical things that fight free radicals caused by the environment like the sun, and pollution, just LIFE, and help skin to repair itself. Which means slowing down signs of ageing, protecting you against further damage by building a protective barrier and brightening your skin to give you that natural radiance back. Basically, you want antioxidants to be included in your skincare routine.

Anti ageing

As well as helping with fine lines and dullness, vitamin E helps to boost collagen production, giving you that firmness back. And who doesn’t want that?

Healing and smoothing

Vitamin E is just one of the things that makes real changes to your skin though. Wheat germ oil also contains vitamins A and D that heal and nourish, helping to smooth over any scars or cracking from dryness. If acne scarring is a concern, wheat germ could be the answer, leaving you with a lovely even tone.

Hydration and protection

Any skincare junkies out there may be familiar with ceramides. For the as-yet-uninitiated, these are fatty acids that create a barrier that locks in moisture. In wheat germ oil, they work with linoleic and linolenic acid to sink into skin, fast, and get that barrier in place so you feel hydrated all day.

The Great Day Glow

After using our Great Day Glow system which contains wheat germ oil, 82% of people* said their skin felt cleansed, softened and radiant. The wheat germ oil works together with other natural extracts (and of course that wellbeing scent) to help you fight the effects of a modern, indoor lifestyle where skin can just get dull so fast. Use it in the morning to create the perfect base for makeup, and don’t forget to nourish at night to help skin repair and rejuvenate.

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