Wellbeing Easter Gifts That Are BETTER Than Chocolate

Yes, we really did just make that statement.

Wellbeing Easter Gifts That Are BETTER Than Chocolate

In preparation for the four day weekend (and a bit of time off) we’re flying the flag for self-care and sharing that with our loved ones. Instead of loading up the basket with mini eggs, we’re sprinkling our Easter break with little moments of wellbeing instead.

For on-the-go wellbeing:

Nourish, Breathe & Calm Hand Balm Headspace in a tube. Not only will this super-balm nourish chapped hands with rich cocoa butter and skin-loving shea butter, but when you use it to do our 7-11 breathing technique, it helps calm you down, relaxing your mind and body, wherever, whenever. Plus it fits in your handbag.

For help with a better night’s sleep:

Perfect Night’s Sleep Bath Foam Time off means that extra moment to slip in the tub and power down, right? You can make it work twice as hard with this bottle of bubbles. With marshmallow and coconut oil (which works wonders on the skin) plus a sleepy blend of essential oils, it will help you nod off in no time. PS For sleepiest results have a soak for 20-30 minutes two hours before going to bed (as recommended by Joyce Walsleben, PhD, associate professor at New York University School of Medicine).

For those in need of a wellbeing reboot:

Six Blissful Night’s In Described by one customer as ‘little bottles of heaven’, this collection gives you six blissful nights of potent bath oils (to enjoy without the kiddos). To the mums out there what more could you ask for? A few drops of these oils in your bath and you’ll be feeling blissed out.

For a hit of instant energy:

Energised and Ready To Go Recharge your mind, body and skin and give the gift of energy this Easter. This collection of goodies helps you rise, shine, kick ass, repeat in just 3 simple steps. The gift that says ‘you can’.

Deep Nourishing Treatment:

Real Luxury Intensive Skin Treatment Candle Post-bath jug of heaven. Light up and let the pool of precious oil cool for 2 minutes then drizzle the warming oil over your body to re-hydrate and repair your skin. The amazing essential oils of lavender, jasmine & Brazilian rosewood get to work on your mind, while your body is enveloped cocoa butter, almond oil moisturising soybean oil. Heavenly.