Instagram’s Favourite Nutritionist Talks Daily Routines And Good Mood Foods

Emily English (@emthenutritionist) shares her tried and tested top tips… 

Instagram’s Favourite Nutritionist Talks Daily Routines And Good Mood Foods

If you’re a lover of good (and healthy) Instagram recipe reels, there’s no doubt you’ve come across Emily English AKA emthenutritionist. Alongside whipping up colourful and easy-to-make dishes and giving us all the meal inspo, she also runs a nutrition clinic. Here she tells us all about her daily routine, how what we eat can have such a powerful impact on our wellbeing and even shares what’s inside her own personal toolkit…

My Refreshing Approach To Wellbeing

Good health doesn’t need to be complicated. I used to be a perfectionist in what I ate and how I moved but all this did was bring me stress. Once I focused on what made me feel good mentally and physically, I felt the best in my body and also my mind.

The Day To Day

I have such a busy work schedule these days that it’s so important to have rituals and routines to keep my mental health in check. At the moment, I work pretty much 7 days a week. My days are a mix of cooking, filming, recipe writing, social media, meetings, clients and project development. Some days I open my laptop at 7am and don’t shut it until 10pm but I have so many exciting opportunities and new ventures that it never feels like a drain to me. I love my work and feel so lucky to be where I am in my career.

A Morning Routine Is A Must

My morning routine is non-negotiable for me. I wake up, hydrate, take my probiotic and fibre drink then head out for a morning walk in the fresh air with a feel-good playlist or podcast. I take this time to look over my to-do list and check in with myself. How is my anxiety that day? How does my body feel? I then have a fuelling breakfast that is often a heavily seeded rye from my local bakery, some golden yolk eggs and some sautéed spinach, all washed down with a good cup of tea. The mix of fibre and protein settles my hormones and keeps me focused all morning. This is the foundation of me having a good day, and I really feel the difference when I neglect this routine.

Matching Mood & Movement

I love to move every day in a way that feels natural and good to me, so how I move often changes with my mood. I love a reformer pilates class for low-impact movement and weight training. I always hit around 10-15k steps a day too. In summer I love evening runs along the Thames to wind down after a busy day as the sun sets, but you won’t catch me on 5k during the colder months!

I make sure I have regular walking breaks each day where I often brainstorm new ideas on the move. I find taking an hour out of my day to exercise and pushing my working day an hour later is the best way for me to stay consistent. If I wait to do a class at the end of the day I feel too mentally and physically exhausted for it to be enjoyable. No matter how busy things are, I always make sure I fit in those blocks for myself, it’s how I ensure my work life is sustainable.

Good Mood Food

Luckily with the volume of food filming I do, I always have access to healthy meals. My nutrition is never about deprivation, each day I have the opportunity to create 3 moments of joy through my plate. It's why I love to take a spin on my favourite foods, boosting things like tuna melts, pasta bakes and tacos with my little nutrition twists. Food is part of my daily wellbeing both physically and mentally and I genuinely love eating delicious and nourishing food. It can really help with sleep, stress, energy and mood alongside a few other lifestyle tweaks. Here’s what works for me in those areas…

My Sleep Saviours

I swear by a hot bath or shower 90 minutes before bed to help me relax and I love to then slather on the NEOM Magnesium Body Butter and some fresh pjs. I’ll always have a herbal night tea with ginger, turmeric and almond milk as well as a magnesium supplement - I take this one from Garden Of Life. I make sure my bedroom is slightly cool and it’s always a few sprtiz’ of Pillow Mist before lights out.

Foods to help you sleep: anything high in magnesium and tryptophan such as nuts, seeds, dairy and poultry.

My Stress Busters

When I don’t write things down and plan, my to-do list piles up pretty quickly and can become very overwhelming. I can often overthink outcomes before they happen and think the worst in situations which is a trait I am trying to shift with my therapist. Once I realised most of my stress and anxiety was developing internally, I was in a much better position to manage it.

If I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I always try to take a bird’s eye view of the situation to try and gain perspective. Why am I feeling stressed? My negative mind doesn’t offer a solid answer so doing this helps me to feel calmer and more collected.

Foods to help stress: go for vitamin C and omega 3 fatty acids like leafy greens, berries, fatty fish and nuts.

My Energy Boosters

Nutrition is a really powerful tool when it comes to your energy levels, so I am mindful to eat foods that help to balance my blood sugar levels. I always feel more energised when I avoid those food coma slumps. We naturally produce melatonin (our sleep hormone) between 3 and 5pm which sends us into that afternoon dip so a quick 5-minute walk in fresh air is one of the best ways to combat this.

Foods to help energy: go for things high in iron and B vitamins like lean meats, leafy greens, beans and whole grains.

My Mood Lifters

It's amazing what spending time with people can do for your mood so I always try to schedule in time with those who help to fill up my cup. Even just a quick 5-minute phone call is enough. During my free time, I choose to be with easy friendships in a safe and non-judgemental space.

Foods to help your mood: complex carbohydrates and protein are great so try whole grains, lean meats, eggs and beans.

Inside My Wellbeing Toolkit

New Balance Trainers

Comfy trainers are a must for getting your steps in and I love my New Balance 530. Walking is one of the best wellbeing tips I can give anyone, but the last thing you want to be thinking about is your aching feet and blisters!

Bed Of Nails Acupressure Mat

Lying on this is my instant anti-anxiety relief. It feels odd to start with, but nothing relaxes me more. I use it whenever I feel like I need a bit of time-out… whether that’s first thing in the morning or after a busy day.

NEOM Real Luxury Candle

My all-time favourite candle… this fills any room (usually my kitchen whilst I’m cooking or lounge whilst I’m winding down) with the most calming scent. You’ll always find this lit on a Friday or Saturday evening.

Lymphatic Massage

I’ll often swap a boozy Friday night out for an at-home massage. It makes me feel so fresh and balanced for the weekend by supporting my body’s natural detox mechanisms, reducing stress and aiding recovery. I’m all about things which make me feel good and this is definitely one of them!

Infrared Saunas

Another favourite is a weekly infrared sauna. These help with relaxation, circulation, pain relief and support my immune system. I go to Yue Float in Battersea and they also include red light therapy which is great for skin health, acne and cellular repair.