10 Fellow B Corp Brands Our Founder Loves

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Feb 28, 2023

10 Fellow B Corp Brands Our Founder Loves

We are so thrilled to have become a B Corp last year so I thought I’d share some other businesses and brands that are also on a mission to do good. Hopefully it will also encourage you to shop a little smarter and do your bit too…


I’ve always been a long-standing fan of innocent, not just because their drinks are tasty, healthy, responsible AND sustainable, but their playful branding is always spot on - something I always look out for. They’re well on their way to becoming carbon neutral and even give 10% of all their profits to organisations which are aiming to make farming more sustainable. Hats off to them!

Tony’s Chocolonely

Firstly if you’ve not yet tried this chocolate, you need to… immediately. It’s seriously chunky and the flavour range is pretty impressive. But it’s not only this which I love about Tony’s, it’s the fact their mission is all about making the chocolate industry 100% slave-free. They’re paying higher prices along their supply chain, empowering cocoa farmers, not using palm oil and wrapping their delicious bars in plastic-free, recycled paper. My favourite? Pecan Caramel Crunch.

Coat Paints

Coat Paints is another goodie that was founded based on the fact that paint shouldn’t be complicated and certainly shouldn’t be damaging the environment. With this in mind, they’ve cleverly made eco-formulas in recycled packaging and are even carbon offset too. Their peel and stick swatches instead of single-use paint testers is such a simple but genius idea too.


I’ve been a long-standing fan of eating more plants for several years now - not just for my own health, but for the health of our environment too and these plant-based meals make it easy for me to eat more plant-based meals. You’ll always find a few of these in my freezer for nights when I’ve had a long day and need a quick but healthy dinner. Co-founders Alex and JP are doing a brilliant job at making this movement accessible but in a sustainable way.


Vestiaire Collective

If you love pre-loved fashion, you’ve probably heard about Vestiaire Collective who were actually the first B Corp fashion resale platform. With so many sites and apps popping up doing a similar thing, it was these guys which really started things moving when it comes to encouraging circular fashion. They’ve built a really engaged community and have an inventory of over 3 million items. I’ve bagged some fab finds and even sold a few pieces on there too.

form Nutrition

form Nutrition was founded back in 2017 and started with a belief that you can be ‘the greatest version of yourself while being mindful of others’... what a powerful and purposeful message! They too are entirely plant-based and have a stellar line-up of vegan protein powders and high quality supplements - all in home compostable pouches made from potato starch.

Wild Deodorant

With natural, plastic-free and refillable deodorants, Wild are on a mission to banish single-use bathroom plastics. As if I wasn’t already sold, it’s also really convenient as they deliver it straight to my door too. I was always a bit sceptical about natural deodorants and if they actually work, but I can really vouch for these. It’s no surprise they have over half a million users and have saved up to 80 tonnes of plastic from entering landfill.



Everyone is talking about cold water therapy right now thanks to Wim Hof and, if like me you’ve been tempted… you’ll absolutely NEED a dryrobe. They’re the originals when it comes to super warm, high-performance outdoor clothing that last a lifetime. They’re all about buying less, buying better and each of their robes are made with 100% organic cotton and 100% recycled nylon. I’m yet to take the plunge but really need to bite the bullet and give this outdoor swimming a go.


Wild Nutrition

The supplement space can be a bit of a minefield with so much choice and info, but Wild Nutrition has made it a little simpler for you to trust what you’re getting. Created by nutritional practitioner Henrietta Norton, they source natural, sustainable ingredients from local suppliers and use 100% plastic-free pouches and recycled or sustainable-sourced packaging. A lot of their range links up with what we’re about at NEOM too - better sleep, less stress, more energy and a lifted mood. I take their Magnesium every night before bed.


Another simple yet genius idea to stop single-use products, I got my first KeepCup years ago and still have it today. They launched back in 2009 and are now embraced all over the world. It’s estimated they’ve saved more than 8 billion plastic cups from landfill which is no mean feat. They also donate 1% of their revenue to environmental causes and were Australia’s first B Corp certified business.