Why These Products Made The Cut For Our 2022 Wellbeing Edit

Hear why our founder Nicola loves each and every one…

Why These Products Made The Cut For Our 2022 Wellbeing Edit

It’s back… the much-loved NEOM Wellbeing Edit – something I love to collate as it gives me the chance to share with you all some of my favourite products which I swear by. From health-boosting supplements to my top reads, innovative gadgets and lots more, here are the products that will help you to build your own wellbeing toolkit and that will also work nicely alongside your current NEOM favourites…

The Happiness Edit

Happy Not Perfect

If you’re not already familiar with Poppy Jamie, let this be the perfect introduction. With that all-important no-BS approach, this is Poppy’s first book and is all about rewiring your mind more positively. With help from some expert mental health specialists and researchers, it’s super easy to digest and really relatable.

The Naked Pharmacy Saffrosun

Natural, vegan-friendly and sustainably sourced, this plant-based pharmacy has a great brand ethos which initially drew me in. This Saffrosun supplement is great for balancing my mood and emotions thanks to ingredients such as saffron extract, organic marine algae and vitamin D3.

Little Box Of Mindfulness

This is a great fun and easy way to put wellbeing first in the morning. With some great motivational cards, my daughter and I use them every day before do anything else. It’s a new routine for us and one that’s set to stay.

The De-Stress Edit

Notes On A Nervous Planet

Matt Haig. What a writer – especially when it comes to mental health. This is book from 2018 but I have been a long-standing fan. It’s a good one that not only helped me to understand anxiety within myself, but also in the world. I highly recommend everyone to give it a read.

Yogi Bare Accupressure Mat

Something new and a little different this year, this acupressure mat is a real tension reliever. It helps to stimulate the body’s nervous system which is also said to help release endorphins and oxytocin. Try committing to 10-15 minutes a few evenings a week. You’ll be surprised at just how good it feels.

NobleBlu Balance Supplement

This supplement from Alesha Dixon’s NEW range is a good all-rounder and welcomes some great ingredients such as chamomile rhodiola, magnesium and vitamins B5, B6 and B7. It helps with stress resistance and tiredness as well as supporting normal psychological function.

The Energy Edit

Hydréa London Detox Body Brush

It’s nothing new that body brushing is good for us but I’ve always found most of them too harsh on my skin. Thankfully this one is super soft and the flexible rubber nodules help to relieve tension whilst providing an invigorating massage. I use mine most mornings before showering.

Living Lively

This book isn’t just full of super-powered, plant-based recipes, but motivational speaker, Haile Thomas gives insightful wellbeing advice too. It really will empower you to take positive steps to nourish yourself, others and the planet too.

Supernova Living Woman Protein

There’s not enough space to list all the good stuff in there but what I will say is that their founder, Laura really knows her stuff and is super passionate about providing quality support to our busy lives. There are 17g of protein per serving and it makes for a sweet start to your mornings when blended with milk, banana and ice.

The Sleep Edit

Artah Deep Sleep Supplement

As you know, I’m big on the importance of sleep and this formula from nutritional therapist, Rhian Stephenson has been expertly created with a soothing blend of botanicals to help improve your sleep quality. I drop 3ml into my sleepy tea and have been religiously taking every night.

SMUG Natural Clay Bead Hot & Cold Therapy Eye Mask

Filled with beads of natural clay, I love that this mask can be either heated or cooled depending on what you prefer. I heat mine for helping with a tension headache after a busy day or use the cool option on my sometimes-puffy eyes.

A Pocked Coach: The Sleep Coach

If you’re looking to really better your sleep, this book by Dr Sarah Jane Arnold is a must-read. Packed full of expert tips and guidance as well as simple exercises, techniques and check-lists, it really made me assess certain parts of my life such as my diet and exercise.