Coffee in beauty products… really?

It’s a yes from us, here’s why.

Coffee in beauty products… really?

We love coffee in the morning (let’s face it, it’s an essential), in a café with friends, after dinner, just about any time anywhere. It’s the espresso that brings us joy at breakfast, and the latte that propels us round the park when the dog needs walking. But that’s the little energy boost (and tasty, creamy deliciousness) that we love when we drink it. But what about the outside? Are there coffee benefits for skin? Is coffee good for your skin? Coffee or coffee extract is popping up more and more in natural beauty products, and we’ve taken the plunge in our Super Shower Power Body Cleanser with organic coffee extract. Here’s why we love it, it’s probably not for the reason you think…

The organic coffee extract we use in the Super Shower Power Body Cleanser is from the seed of the plant coffea arabica, and it’s not the kind you want to drink. It’s rich and oily in texture, and the benefits you get from using it on your skin are ALL skincare - no energy-by-osmosis happening here! Super Shower Power Body Cleanser DOES give you a zap of energy, but it’s from the insanely powerful combo of spearmint, rosemary and eucalyptus rather than the coffee.


What are the benefits of coffee in beauty? Coffee extract is super rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which are great for keeping skin healthy and nourished. When applied topically, vitamin E is super hydrating, locking in moisture and leaving you feeling silky smooth. Just what you want from a morning shower.


The skincare holy grail - antioxidants are super powerful in fighting free radicals and offering protection from (and even helping to reverse) sun damage. It also helps your skin build that natural barrier that keeps you protected against the stresses that come up during the day, so you can breeze through workouts, walks out, work and wherever else you’ve got on the agenda.


What ARE polyphenols? Essentially, they’re another layer in the antioxidant suit of armour, encompassing lots of plants and naturals that are high in antioxidants. We’re turning to these more and more for reducing sun spots, and rejuvenating skin after sun damage.

Anti Aging

A study has shown the powerful potential for coffee extract in reducing wrinkles and fine lines, while also boosting elastin and collagen, giving a multiple-pronged attack on signs of ageing. WIN! As well as the free radical-fighting power, coffee just had to be included in our Superpower Body Cleanser for its plumping, smoothing action on your skin.


While it doesn’t boost your energy directly, coffee extract DOES encourage an increase in blood flow, leaving you feel radiant and invigorated. Lather up and go!

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