Five Ways to Use Your Sleep Essential Oil at Bedtime

One little bottle, five ways for a great night’s sleep.

Five Ways to Use Your Sleep Essential Oil at Bedtime

Whether you prefer the floral dream of Perfect Night’s Sleep or the fresh chamomile cloud of Bedtime Hero, there’s a way to use the Essential Oil blend that will work for YOU. We’re not about bedtime tasks (hello, it’s bedtime!) but small things you can do that will really help you sleep. And both blends in our Scent to Sleep range have the perfect amount of essential oils to be really, really effective. Try any of our five top tips and see is we can make a difference to your dreamy sleep.

1. In your Wellbeing Pod

Wellbeing Pod


Set the timer and let the gentle bubbles, calming light and soothing vapour of your essential oils relax you as you drift off to sleep. Your Pod will turn itself off when the time is up, so you can fall asleep without worrying. A few drops of Perfect Night’s Sleep will diffuse lavender, sweet basil and jasmine for you to inhale for your most refreshing sleep, and Bedtime Hero will send you off with the naturally sedative qualities of chamomile, ylang ylang and cedarwood.

2. On your pillow

Pillow Mist


There’s no need to get a separate Pillow Mist if you prefer the potency of an oil. Just a few drops is enough to surround you with sleepy scent. Breathe deeply and slowly after applying the drops, we recommend in for 7 seconds, out for 11, to really inhale the sleepy goodness. Plus, slow breathing is a powerful tool in your sleep toolkit as it calms the body and mind naturally, preparing you for sleep.

3. In your bath

A bath an hour before bedtime is always a good idea. A soak helps your body release heat from the hands and feet, and lowers your overall temperature to the ideal levels for sleep. Just ten minutes can have you drifting off 36% faster, and making the most of this time if sleep is your goal only takes a few drops of essential oil for sleep into the bath water. They won’t just supply a calming fragrance, but will act as a boost to your bedtime routine as you wind down, too.

4. Mix your own body oil


If you already have oils that you love on your skin like sweet almond oil or jojoba, they will mix beautifully with your NEOM Essential Oil Blends. So why not add a drop or two of Scent to Sleep to your oil after bath or shower, and absorb the natural sleep aids through your skin? You’ll get the softening nourishment you love, plus a boost for your bedtime routine.

5. On your PJs

If a few drops of oil on your pillow aren’t quite cutting it, try switching it up on your PJs. Totally game changing! You’ll surround yourself with an extra blanket of sleepy scent that unfurls every time you move, so you’ll stay topped up long after you drift off.