Stress Awareness Month: You’re not alone

This April, join us in focusing on all things de-stressing as we tackle this national problem together

Stress Awareness Month: You’re not alone

Since 1992, the Stress Management Society has dedicated April to Stress Awareness Month. And if there was a year we need a reminder to check the stress levels, it would be this one! The (hopefully ending soon but still pretty much going on) pandemic plus recent upheaval to our work and personal lives means this public health challenge is as important as ever to focus on. Self care when it comes to stress is often the first thing to go as we just focus on getting stuff done, but the hidden effects can be super damaging to our mental and physical health. So how do we get the stress in check without worrying about that too? NEOM is here for you with small things you can do that will really stick.

Recognise it

There might have been some things about lockdown that have had a silver lining, for example saying goodbye to the commute, or having more time to spend with the kids. But if any of these are you: unmotivated, irritated, sad, distracted, anxious, unable to sleep (all of the above?) you still need to give those stress levels some attention. New factors like job insecurity and feeling disconnected from loved ones are bound to have an effect, and we’re not winding UP in the traditional way at the moment so it’s super important to wind DOWN differently too.

Build a toolkit

The reason we love the concept of a wellbeing toolkit is that you can dip in and out of it as your life requires. And does life look different right now! What worked for you before in your routine for home and work life might not be working now, so take a moment to think about how you de-stressed before, like having a glass of wine with a friend, and what you might replace that with now. Extra time in the evening could be spent putting pen to paper in a no-pressure journal for example, or extra time in the morning could now be a walk or stretch rather than a drive or sitting on transport. And are you using your OFF time, taking your annual leave properly, and having breaks? If not, you still need them so schedule it in.

Talk about it

It’s likely that everyone you speak to at work or in your personal life is feeling this too, and you’ll probably find they’re happy to talk about the things you’re feeling that resonate with them. And when it’s your turn to be supportive? Sharing that tip that’s really helped you feels GOOD.

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Slowing your breathing is the quickest way to reduce stress, that is, slowing your exhale so it’s longer than your inhale. Done over time, you’ll notice the practice become more instinctive and your stress levels drop overall. If you’re at home you can give this technique a kick with natural soothers to fill our space with, like lavender, jasmine and Moroccan blush rose, or carry a hand balm or calming Essential Oil Blend with you for a moment to de-stress and check your breath, wherever you are.

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You use different skincare products throughout the day, so try swapping one or two for alternatives that help you de-stress. The hand wash in your bathroom for example, or the body lotion you apply after a shower are all opportunities for small changes that will add up to big, calming changes.

De-Stress On The Go Collection


Speaking of small changes...these mini pick-me-ups are our answer to helping you de-stress any time, anywhere. It’s our mission after all, and sometimes a quick spritz of slick of hand lotion is all you need to top up the hard work you’ve been doing on working towards getting those stress levels down.

There are loads more de-stressing tips and hacks on the NEOM blog and @neomorganics on Insta, we LOVE hearing your tips too!