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Experience The Magic Of Luxury Candles

Our high-quality candles are packed with essential oils and harness the powers of aromatherapy to bring plenty of wellbeing benefits:

Natural Ingredients - Our aromatherapy candles are made from naturally derived wax and expertly blended essential oils.

Wellbeing Benefits - Not only do our luxury candles smell great, each scent has been carefully blended to boost your wellbeing. Whether you’re in need of a Perfect Night’s Sleep with a relaxing sleep candle, or a mood boost with a zingy lemon candle - we’ve got something for every mood or moment.

Extended Burn Times - Our 3 wick candles last up to 50 hours, whilst our ceramic candle range has burn times of up to 46 hours, 1 wicks up to 35, and travel sizes up to 20 hours.

Hand Crafted - We pride ourselves that each and every one of our candles are hand-poured in the UK for the very best quality. 

Sustainability - A true long-lasting candle’s life doesn’t end once the wax has run out. Instead repurpose your luxury candle jar as a vase or container. If not you’ll find you can recycle our jars once they’ve been cleaned of wax.

Discover The Luxurious Scented Candle For You

Scented candles not only help to beautifully scent your space but ours will also boost your wellbeing too. With each expertly blended to help you with sleep, stress, energy or your mood, we’ve got something for every mood or moment: 

  • Lavender candles are the ultimate scent if you’re looking for a way to unwind before bed.
  • Floral candles also work wonders for helping you to relax. 

For a mood or energy boost, go for a lively citrus candle.

Thoughtful Luxury Candle Gifts

Gift your loved ones a luxury candle for the ultimate treat. A thoughtful candle gift is always well-received - especially when you’ve chosen a scent that will also bring a wellbeing boost. For a truly special gift, pair with a luxury reed diffuser in a matching scent. Whether you’re looking for birthday giftsChristmas gifts, or a present ‘just because’, there’s no going wrong with a luxury candle.

Wellbeing Boosts With NEOM

Let us continue to boost your wellbeing with our collection of feel-good favourites. From electric diffusers and sleep diffusers, to neroli candles - we’ve got something for every mood or moment.