Can I Use Essential Oils While Pregnant?

Our technical manager, Nihal Gulsan who tells you everything you need to know…

Can I Use Essential Oils While Pregnant?

Whether new to NEOM or perhaps a long-standing fan, one question we’re regularly asked is ‘are our essential oil blends safe to use whilst pregnant?’ Much like many other things during pregnancy, you’re now questioning everything you’re eating, using and well, just about anything. Here we speak to our technical manager, Nihal Gulsan who tells you everything you need to know…


"All of our cosmetic products are safe to use while pregnant (with the exception of our shower & bath drops), and you’ll be glad to hear that yes – our essential oil blends are also safe to use while pregnant (and breast feeding). However, we would always recommend seeking medical advice if you plan on using essential oils in the bath, diluted on the body or inhaling through a diffuser,” advises Nihal. “One thing worth noting is that essential oils shouldn’t be used neat on skin regardless of whether you’re pregnant or not so please do bear that in mind. Once you’ve had this cleared with a medical professional, please do use essential oil blends to help naturally boost your wellbeing! Here are some of our most recommended products which can help relax, calm and soothe you during this time of need…”


For Helping You Prepare To Sleep Better

Sleepless nights are a common hang up for expectant (and new) mums so if you’re struggling to drift off, you’ll love our best-selling Pillow Mist. Blended with our signature sleepy scent of lavender and chamomile, just a few spritzes on your pillow are enough to help you unwind & relax for a good night’s sleep.


For Stressed-Out Skin

Hormonal changes as well as uncertainty from the unknown can play havoc with your skin but thankfully, we’ve got just the answer. Expertly formulated with hyaluronic acid, cica, ceramides and magnesium, our Overnight Facial Cream helps to restore your skin whilst you sleep so you can wake up to healthy, glowy skin. If you’re still not sold, it’s already gained plenty of 5-star reviews…


For A Wind-Down Treat

Baths are not only a great way to help soothe your aching and tired body when pregnant, but they can also have a calming effect and help you to sleep better too. One thing we will say here is just to be mindful of the temperature – don’t have it too hot. Our Bedtime Hero Bath Foam welcomes a beautiful blend of chamomile, ylang ylang and cedarwood as well as skin-softening marshmallow, coconut oil and soothing aloe.


For A Soothing Skin Experience

Much like the rest of your body, your skin is going through plenty of change but our Magnesium Body Butters work wonders for nourishing, softening and boosting your wellbeing on days you need it. Our favourite? It has to be Great Day for the uplifting scent of wild mint and mandarin. Try massaging in or asking someone else to!