Four Essential Oils That Can Help Your Mental Wellbeing

Overwhelmed? Anxious? Negative thoughts? Give these a try…

Four Essential Oils That Can Help Your Mental Wellbeing

Along with lots of other small steps, as you know, we’re big advocates of using essential oils to boost your wellbeing in your every day routines, so in light of World Mental Health Day, we’ve rounded up four of our favourites that can help you with feelings of anxiousness, stress, uncertainty or even low mood…

1. Bergamot

Best For Boosting Positivity

Bergamot is a citrus fruit so it’s no surprise that the scent of this one is incredibly zesty and refreshing which is why it’s our go-to for Scent To Make You Happy collection. The mood-boosting benefits also come from the fact that bergamot is said to help support our central nervous system and when breathed in, can help promote a more positive outlook – something we can all do with.

There are numerous studies to help support this, but a small pilot study on 57 participants showed that 15 minutes of exposure to bergamot oil helped to improve their feelings of positivity. Want to know more? Have a read of this.

Feeling a little blue? Pop a few drops of this Bergamot Oil Blend into your Wellbeing Pod Mini.

2. Lavender

Best For Promoting A Sense Of Calm

Undeniably one of the most well-known essential oils, lavender is widely said to help promote feelings of calm which makes it a wise choice for those who tend to feel anxious or stressed. The soothing essential oil is a key ingredient of our signature Perfect Night’s Sleep range and is packed into our bestselling Pillow Mist which is great for helping you to switch off for a more restful night.

One study we love to cite is where 126 patients undergoing wisdom tooth removal were given lavender oil to inhale prior to their treatment and the results not only showed significant changes in their blood pressure but 97% stated they’d prefer the same protocol next time too. You can read more about it here.

Stressful day? Struggling to unwind? Our Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist is a great way of inhaling lavender, or you could even drop our 100% natural Lavender Oil Blend into your bath.

3. Chamomile

Best For Helping With Anxiousness

Much like lavender, chamomile is another popular essential oil that’s renowned for its ability to help calm and soothe which is why it’s a common go-to for those who often feel anxious or uncertain. For this reason, we also use chamomile in our Scent To Sleep range. If you aren’t a fan of the lavender in our Perfect Night’s Sleep scent, we’d definitely suggest our Bedtime Hero line instead.

Sceptical? Have a read of this study which shows 183 participants who inhaled 3 drops of chamomile oil for 30 nights saw a significant improvement in their anxiety and stress levels.

Try dropping our Bedtime Hero Oil Blend into your Wellbeing Pod whilst you unwind before bed.

4. Ylang Ylang

Best For Balancing Your Emotions

Feeling overwhelmed is a common concern for most – particularly after the past 18 months we’ve all experienced. Ylang ylang is said to help balance our feelings by making us feel calmer and lighter thanks to the uplifting, rich and sweet scent that this exotic flower can bring.

This study showed that ylang ylang helped to reduce blood pressure and pulse rate whilst also increasing alertness proving its potential to be a great balancing oil. Read more about its harmonising effect here.

So, if you’re battling several emotions, give this Scent To De-Stress Oil Blend a go. Expertly formulated with ylang ylang, this heady and fragrant floral scent works wonders diffused through your NEOM Pod.