Everything You Need To Know About Reflexology

Master practitioner and celebrity therapist, Andrea Hurst tells all…

Everything You Need To Know About Reflexology

In light of World Reflexology Week (20th-26th September) and after another pretty stressful year, we caught up with master practitioner and celebrity therapist Andrea Hurst, to find out more about the powers of reflexology…

What Exactly Is Reflexology?

“Reflexology is an ancient Egyptian healing art from the original temple sciences and the ancient Egyptian mystery system of thousands of years ago,” says Andrea. “The principle is that the two feet as a whole represent an exact mirror or microcosm of the entire body,” she adds. “It is a deeply rejuvenating and restorative holistic experience which uses shi-atsu (finger pressure) applied to the feet. The reflex points and nerve endings in our feet then activate our bodies nuclear cells, organs and body systems which then gives self-healing powers and ultimately maintains optimum health. This all encourages our body to achieve balance which is also known as homeostasis.”

What Are The Health And Wellbeing Benefits Of Reflexology?

There are a whole host of different benefits for your mind, body and spirit. “Reflexology is great for detoxifying and deep cleansing all of the systems in your body as well as helping to reset your overall equilibrium. You’ll also notice it helps to calm and stabilise your mood and emotions which makes it great for those in difficult mindsets or for those experiencing feelings of anxiety or depression. It really does bring about a renewed and revived sense of wellbeing as well as clarify if you’re seeking a new path,” explains Andrea.

“It’s a great treatment for your overall wellbeing since it helps to bring all of your body’s systems into correct alignment,” she adds. “It’s been known to help with weight loss, addictions, injuries, illnesses, conception and fertility and even post-partum rebalancing.”

Who Is Reflexology Suitable For?

Since it a completely natural treatment, reflexology is suited to everyone – no matter your age. “Even babies and children can benefit, as well as very elderly people,” says Andrea. “Each and every treatment is tailored to the individual and I have worked with a whole host of people during my 25 years of practice.”

What Does Reflexology Actually Feel Like?

“A reflexology treatment can bring many different sensations such as deep probing and sliding to twisting and kneading,” says Andrea. “They all feel extremely good and are deeply relaxing – so much so, treatment can become highly addictive.” Many of Andrea’s clients have in fact been known to fall asleep. “It is not in any way a painful experience, but you may feel different sensations when particular imbalances or blockages are cleared,” she adds.

How Does Reflexology Differ From Massage?

“The resonance that flows through the reflex points and nerve endings when precise and specific pressure is applied sends a deep and concentrated energy into the cells of the body which expands the vitality of every cell. This impacts the entire structure of our body, mind and spirit,” says Andrea. “A massage on the other hand tends to be more topical and although relaxing, it is received on a more superficial level.

How Many Sessions Do I Need To Benefit?

Andrea recommends a short course of between 6-10 treatments for maximum results but has been known to see positive transformations after just one session which we think speaks volumes about her impressive talent.

What Happens After The Treatment?

Post-treatment, generally speaking you will feel calm and energised but Andrea says some may feel tired initially as your body needs time to adjust as part of a deeper healing process. “This is all dependent on the individual, their conditions and their state of mind,” she explains. “I’d always suggest drinking plenty of water to help flush out toxins too.”

To get in touch with Andrea and find out more about her treatments, you can email her on andrea@andreahurst.co.uk or find her on Instagram - @reflexologyguru