How To Scent Your Home This Christmas

Really get into the festive spirit with these tried and tested top tips…

How To Scent Your Home This Christmas

We’re all for getting in the Christmas spirit and what better way to do so than through scenting your home with our 100% natural festive fragrances. Here’s our best advice for making your home a relaxing space to unwind as well as a welcoming one for entertaining…


Set The Tone 

First up, identify what kind of atmosphere you’re looking to create and the type of scents you personally like. Nothing says Christmas quite like our signature festive blends and they work wonders for sparking seasonal joy. Not only do they help to deliver fragrance throughout your home, but they also bring a wellbeing boost too.

First up, is Cosy Nights. If you love the smell of a roaring open fire, then you’ll love this. With a warming blend of sandalwood, frankincense, and nutmeg, it’s stressbusting and grounding and will leave you feeling calmer and cosier than ever – perfect for recharging on wintery nights in.

Next is our most traditional festive fragrance – Christmas Wish, which smells just like a home-baked Christmas cake thanks to tonka bean, spicy cinnamon, and zesty mandarin. It’s a real comforter and a favourite for bringing happy, festive vibes.

If you prefer fresher more uplifting scents, then Perfect Peace is for you. This one smells just like your real pine Christmas tree – super fresh and instantly transports you to a Nordic winter landscape. It really clears the mind whilst also being a brilliant party scent.

If overly festive scents aren’t for you, fear not as we’ve got plenty of other all-natural scents that will still make your home a place of comfort this Christmas. Our Real Luxury is always a winner and is the scent so many of you rely on to de-stress all year round, or Happiness is another mood-boosting favourite for some much-needed joy.



Try Layering Your Scents

Whilst it can be tempting to just pick one source of scent, layering different types of home fragrance can really help elevate the atmosphere and we have every base covered with our collection of Wellbeing Pods, Essential Oil Blends, Candles, Reed Diffusers and even our scented Ceramic Stars. Our iconic Wellbeing Pods are our most customisable option and will scent any space in minutes. You can then adjust the intensity and duration to suit the mood or moment. Find what works for you and your space and let them scent your home from morning to night.

Candles are great for scenting specific moments and adding an additional layer of scent over the mist diffused from your Wellbeing Pod. Reed Diffusers give a continuous stream of scent and can be a more subtle choice, as can our Ceramic Stars which are a great way to scent and decorate this Christmas. Drop on your favourite Essential Oil Blend and hang wherever you like – on door handles or your tree are our go-to places.  

If you’re going to experiment with layering, always consider the room size and the intensity of scent you’re looking to achieve. Scent is like sound – go too loud, strong or for too long and you can end up giving everyone a headache. Thankfully each and every NEOM scent is 100% natural as opposed to being synthetic which can make a huge difference and give a much softer and more enjoyable experience. The beauty of our Christmas (and core) blends is that they work incredibly well on their own but are intensely beautiful when used together. Go all out and use your Essential Oil Blend in your Wellbeing Pod for the duration of your day and night and then light a candle (or two) for when guests arrive or for when you’re winding down in the evenings.



Scent Spaces Differently

Not only do our candles and diffusers each impart scent in a different way, but they also each create a different ambience too. Since our Wellbeing Pod is so well-suited for instantly changing the mood of a room or for allowing you to set the tone for a specific moment or occasion, try using this as your first port of call. Drop in your Essential Oil Blend to an intensity which suits you and then build the rest of your scent around this. If you’ve not already seen, we now have a Pod for every sized space so you can scent every room in your home with our original-size Pod, smaller rooms with our Pod Mini and now open-plan living or even your entire home with the Pod Luxe.

Perfect Peace and Happiness are both great for an uplifting mood boost in the kitchen so try diffusing these oils through your Pod or lighting a candle. Our NEW Cosy Nights and Christmas Wish Candles are the living room must-haves and really do create a cosy room which is ideal for relaxing, socialising and creating memories. When it comes to candles, we all know these are not just great for scenting and that there’s something very comforting about a flame flickering which is why they are well suited to dark, wintery nights. Candles only really need to be lit for around two hours so I’d always advise using these for particular moments as opposed to a long-lasting stream of scent.



Expert Tips And Tricks

1. For Getting The Most Out Of Your Pod

Each of our Pods work in a slightly different way so once you’ve decided on your oil blend, here’s a quick guide on how to achieve the perfect fragrance level. Our Pod Mini diffuses straight from the bottle so simply screw in and you’re good to go. Our original Pod works best with around 8-10 drops and works for up to 7 hours, whereas the Pod Luxe takes around 30 drops and can diffuse for up to 12 hours.

2. For Burning Candles

Each one of our 3 wick Candles has four bottles of essential oil in them so there’s no need to keep them burning for hours on end. In fact, once your candle is blown out, the pool of oil will continue to boost your wellbeing until it solidifies. An even pool of oil will ensure an even burn on your candle too. One other tip? Don’t forget to trim your wicks. A trimmed wick makes the flame look clean and bright and you don’t have to worry about the mushroom end (or untrimmed wick) falling into the wax and giving a murky, grey tone.

3. For Maximising Your Reed Diffuser

The strength of the scent will depend on how many reeds you’re using and how often you’re turning them. Use all of them and turn more regularly for a stronger scent. One thing worth mentioning is that the more you flip them, the more oil they’ll use but each jar should last you around three months. Each time you buy a refill, don’t forget to change the reeds too.

4. For Using Our Essential Oils In Other Ways

Try using our Essential Oil Blends in other ways throughout your home too. Our Ceramic Hanging Star is another great alternative to scent your home with and looks great hung on your Christmas tree, on door handles or perhaps even as a table favour for your guests.