The Best Christmas Essential Oils That Smell Great AND Will Boost Your Wellbeing

Feel-good (and 100% natural) blends that are bound to get you feeling festive...  

The Best Christmas Essential Oils That Smell Great AND Will Boost Your Wellbeing

Cinnamon, nutmeg and pine - just some of the smells that make us instantly think of Christmas. But did you know that festive essential oils like these can do wonders for your wellbeing too? From helping you to feel a little more relaxed (which is always welcome over Christmas) to helping boost your mood and even help you sleep, here are six we LOVE for getting you in the festive spirit whilst also giving you wellbeing a boost too…  

Cinnamon Essential Oil  

Reminiscent of cosy winter days, cinnamon essential oil is not only a sweet and spicy scent that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside… In fact, cinnamon essential oil is known and loved for its soothing abilities. Research (like this study) has even found it helps to reduce feelings of stress.  

Keen to give it a try? See hello to our Christmas Wish Candle. A feel-good scent that smells just like a home-baked Christmas pudding - familiar and nostalgic, thanks to the expert (and 100% natural) blend of cinnamon alongside mandarin and tonka bean.  


Pine Essential Oil  

There’s nothing quite like the smell of a fresh pine tree at Christmas right? Pine essential oil is an invigorating scent will instantly create an uplifting atmosphere whilst also having a positive impact on your mood too. This is because pine is known to have an uplifting effect and can even help to reduce feelings of stress. 

Try diffusing our Perfect Peace Essential Oil Blend through your Wellbeing Pod and fill your home with this fresh and uplifting scent. You’ll feel the tension melt away in moments. We also love this for its head-clearing nature.  


Frankincense Essential Oil  

Rich in history, frankincense essential oil is a woody scent that has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for years. Not only does it smell warm and spicy, but it is also known to have a grounding and calming effect and can help to reduce tension and lift your mood - perfect for all the chaos Christmas often brings.  

The perfect frankincense candle for your nights in? Definitely Cosy Nights which welcomes a smoky and stress-busting blend of frankincense with sandalwood and nutmeg - perfect for helping you to reset and recharge. Bliss!   


Myrrh Essential Oil  

Myrrh essential oil is another long-standing favourite that’s been used for thousands of years. Sweet and also slightly smoky, it’s often blended with citrus essential oils to create an uplifting scent, just like in our Perfect Peace which expertly blends it with pine and lime peel to create a fresh and invigorating take on your usual Christmas scents.

Not only does myrrh make a wonderful addition to a festive fragrance blend, but it can also help to promote feelings of relaxation too and we’re all about a little R&R.  


Nutmeg Essential Oil  

Did you know that nutmeg essential oil not only smells delicious (like a toasty warm fire with a hint of sweetness) but it can also elevate your mood? Research (like this study) found it could improve your mood, while it’s also believed nutmeg can reduce tension in the body and promote feelings of relaxation which can help you prepare for a better night’s sleep. Talking of sleep, have a read of this to uncover our most dreamy blends.  

You’ll also find nutmeg blended into our aptly named Cosy Nights collection. So, why not pop the Essential Oil Blend into your Wellbeing Pod and hunker down for a night of well-deserved rest? 


Mandarin Essential Oil  

Zesty mandarin essential oil is an instant pick-me-up, so it’s no surprise research has found that this zingy scent also has the ability to reduce feelings of stress and better your mood. Want to know more? Check out this study and this one).  

Again, find this in our Christmas Wish fragrance which brings nothing but happy vibes and instant relaxation. When combined with cinnamon and tonka bean, it adds a playful and zesty twist creating an indulgent, sweet and nostalgic scent. Need we say more? Light one of our bestselling Christmas Wish Candles or pop the Essential Oil Blend into your Pod for instant happiness.