Four Favourites To Seriously Supercharge Your Summer Shower

Posted by Samantha Nice, Jun 30, 2023

Four Favourites To Seriously Supercharge Your Summer Shower

Need an energy boost first thing? Longing for summer-ready skin AND silky, shiny hair? Want the ultimate shower experience to cool off in the heat? Consider it sorted with these four favourites from our Super Shower Power collection that will seriously supercharge your morning routine...

‌Step 1: The Shampoo Of All Shampoos

It’s officially time to stop dreading hair wash days and get ready for a hair washing experience like no other. Expertly formulated with apple seed oil, plant proteins and algae extract, this purifying (and silicone and sulphate-free) Shampoo works wonders for giving both your hair and scalp a thorough cleanse. In true NEOM style, it also gives a multisensorial experience thanks to the invigorating scent of spearmint, rosemary and eucalyptus. Expect a refreshing tingle on the scalp and happy, hydrated hair.

Step 2: The All-Round Conditioner For Every Hair Type And Texture

Next up, reach for our replenishing Conditioner – a favourite for nourishing strands from root to tip. Packed with coconut and almond oil, shea butter and algae extract, it helps to boost softness and shine and is also blended with the same signature (and 100% natural) scent to continue to bring those energising vibes. Top tip? Comb through gently and leave to work its magic whilst you tend to your skin next...

Step 3: The Super Cooling, Super Zingy Body Cleanser

Sweaty nights? Post-workout? Hot days? Trust us when we say you’ll LOVE this uplifting Body Cleanser. Not only is it incredibly refreshing for both the mind and body thanks to the invigorating essential oils, but it also promises up to 24 hours of hydration. After just one use, you’ll soon see why it’s racked up so many 5-star reviews.

Step 4: The Invigorating Daily Polish For Summer-Ready Skin

Last but not least, soften and smooth your skin thanks to our NEW Super Shower Power Body Polish. 100% upcycled exfoliators like coffee ground and almond shell along with moisturising oat milk work wonders for revealing your best-ever skin and imparting a healthy-looking glow. Simply massage into skin and buff in circular motions. Top tip: try and brave a cold water rinse of this and your conditioner. Not only will it help to add shine to your hair, but a cold shower can also help to boost your energy that little bit more too...

Ready for the full experience? We thought you might be... shop The Ultimate Super Shower Power Routine here.