What Exactly Are Adaptogens And Why Does Your Skin Love Them?

Come and learn all about these plant-based powerhouses… 

What Exactly Are Adaptogens And Why Does Your Skin Love Them?

It may seem like there’s always something new or trending when it comes to skincare with ‘must-try’ ingredients always popping up but whilst adaptogens are currently in the spotlight, they’re nothing new. In fact, they’ve been used in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda practice for centuries. Read on to learn more about these plant-based powerhouses and why we just had to include them in our new Big Day Energy Face Mist

What Are Adaptogens?

An adaptogen is the name given to a group of certain plants and herbs which can help to increase the body’s resistance to stress by restoring balance. Renowned for their ability to fight physical, chemical and biological stressors, they cleverly get to work by adapting their function to suit the body’s specific needs. You’ve probably seen them in supplement form (like ashwagandha, turmeric, rhodiola or reishi mushroom for example), but they’re also proving to be popular in topical skincare too as their benefits are not just internal but external too.

What Skin Benefits Do Adaptogens Have?

The short answer? Lots! But one of the biggest benefits they bring is their ability to help calm stress-induced skin concerns such as redness, inflammation or irritation and flare-ups. This is because adaptogens themselves can help to balance our stress hormone, cortisol which is often to blame as our skin is a reflection of what is going on internally.

It’s not just internal stress which can play havoc with your skin though… external aggressors like pollution and blue light can also contribute to poor skin health. Since adaptogens are typically high in antioxidants they work wonders for helping to protect and shield your skin from these which is so important for keeping your skin in good health.

Meet Our NEW Big Day Energy Face Mist

If you’re looking for an adaptogen shot of visible skin wellness, look no further than our NEW Big Day Energy Face Mist. Expertly formulated with an adaptogen blend of course, it helps to calm, refresh, hydrate and protect your skin. The adaptogens to thank include ginseng root and elf dock flower.

We chose ginseng root as it has naturally occurring phytonutrients and is also high in antioxidants which means it’s great for protecting skin against those external stressors we mentioned such as pollution and blue light. Protecting against these is arguably as important as your daily SPF is since these too can accelerate signs of ageing and even cause dryness, irritation and dark spots. We’ll just add a gentle reminder here about wearing your SPF every day, all year round and yes - even if you’re sitting inside. Dr Sophie Shotter recently said on Instagram, unless you need a torch to see, you should be applying SPF! Ginseng root isn’t just great for its protective powers however… It's also known for its anti-stress properties too so can help to calm and soothe. We also formulated with elf dock flower which helps to balance the skin barrier to help with hydration and also helps to increase skin radiance for healthy-looking skin. Want to know more about this mighty mist? Have a read of this - Seven Reasons To Love Our NEW Big Day Energy Face Mist.