The Very Best Essential Oils For A BIG Boost Of Energy

Whether you need a zesty morning wake-up call or an uplifting boost to shake off the afternoon slump, consider it sorted with these energising essential oils...

The Very Best Essential Oils For A BIG Boost Of Energy

Want to know which are the best essential oils for energy? You'll love our Scent To Boost Your Energy range which welcomes plenty of invigorating essential oils which will all help to give you a boost whenever you need it. Whether you need a zesty morning wake-up call or an uplifting scent to shake off the afternoon slump, here are our favourites...

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary oil is having a moment online right now, with social media users praising its hair-growing abilities. But, did you know that rosemary is one of the best essential oils for boosting energy? Research (like this study) has found that rosemary is more effective at boosting energy levels and mood than other essential oils such as lavender. Our favourite rosemary-infused product has to be our Super Shower Power Body Polish, which gently exfoliates, buffs and smooths skin making it the perfect wake-up call.

Lemon Essential Oil

Another essential oil known for its energising abilities. If you’re struggling to concentrate and need an instant boost, lemon essential oil could be the one for you. Studies (like this one) show that this citrusy essential oil can increase alertness, keeping you focused and productive when the post-lunch dip hits. Need something to perk you up at your desk? Try our zesty Feel Refreshed Reed Diffuser. It smells divine and works wonders to refresh and energise as the end of the working day draws near.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

The benefits of eucalyptus essential oils are endless. They are thought to help clear a stuffy nose, ease body aches and reduce inflammation. But, did you know, they can also boost your energy? There's research (which you can read here) to suggest that eucalyptus boosts energy and increases performance. So, if you need something to kickstart your mornings, you’ll love our invigorating Super Shower Power Cleanser which is packed full of eucalyptus to put a spring in your step.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood oil is much-loved for its balsamic, woody aroma and its performance-enhancing abilities. This scent triggers the production of our happy hormone (serotonin), and in turn can boost our mood and energy levels. Research also suggests cedarwood essential oils can improve focus and attention. That’s why our Tuberose, Cedarwood and Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Blend could be a great addition to your wellbeing toolkit. Add a few drops to your Wellbeing Pod and let the woody undertones get to work.

Basil Essential Oil

Basil is often used to add a fragrant finish to food, but if you’re not taking advantage of basil essential oil and its invigorating properties, you could be missing out. In fact, research (like this study) has found that this essential oil can not only boost energy but also combat mental exhaustion and support mild burnout recovery. Intrigued? Try our Feel Refreshed Essential Oil Blend, packed with uplifting Sicilian lemon and fresh basil. Pop it in your Wellbeing Pod and let the energising scent fill your home, or add a few drops to your shower tray to supercharge your mornings.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

The benefits of grapefruit essential oils for boosting energy have been well documented for many years. A 2001 study found that the scent sends signals to the brain that boost energy and awareness. If you want to tap into the benefits of this hero ingredient, meet our Grapefruit, Mandarin and Eucalyptus Scented Candle. Light this in your home office and let the zesty scent fill the space for an instant boost of motivation.

Pine Essential Oil

Pine is known for its healing properties, but this uplifting scent, reminiscent of wild forests and nature walks, has also been hailed as an energy booster. It’s much-loved for its ability to reduce stress and enhance concentration, making it a go-to for anyone burning the midnight oil and in need of a lift. If this sounds familiar, try our Focus The Mind Essential Oil blend formulated with pine, eucalyptus and cedarwood and indulge in the refreshing, energy-enhancing scent.