The Best Aromatherapy Wellbeing Gifts We’re Buying This Mother’s Day

Want to know what Team NEOM’s top picks are for supercharging Mum's wellbeing? Read on…

The Best Aromatherapy Wellbeing Gifts We’re Buying This Mother’s Day

Who better to ask for Mother’s Day gifting inspiration than our wonderful in-house team who really know our products inside and out. Read on to uncover our top wellbeing gifts...

“My Mum is also my best friend. I laugh with her more than anyone in the world and I know she always has my back. This Mother’s Day I’ll be sending her our Wellbeing Pod Luxe – it really is the gift of all gifts.” – Nicola, Founder

“I’ll be gifting my two best friends from school. They both have three kids and are juggling it all. I’m sending them both one of our limited-edition You're Amazing Candles as a little something to remind them they’re doing a great job.” – Lucy, Head of Brand

“I’m always incredibly grateful to the nursery teacher who looks after my little son whilst I’m at work so will be gifting her our Real Luxury Bath Foam to try and encourage her to take some well-earnt rest.” – Natalie, Customer Marketing Manager

“My friends are some of the most amazing Mums in my life and with little ones in tow, their sleep isn’t always great. They’re not close by but I’ll be posting them a little package with our bestselling Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist.” - Rachael, CRM and Insights Manager

“My Mum is my absolute rock. She’s the most thoughtful and caring person I know and is always doing so much for others. I’ll be gifting her our Pod Mini and Real Luxury Essential Oil Blend.” – Chloe, Digital Communications Assistant Manager

“I always send my Grandma a little something as she’s just wonderful. This year, I’m sending her one of our Precious Candles as I know she’ll love reusing the jar afterwards too. – Emma, Commercial Executive

“My best friend (who’s also a new Mum) is always on hand with great advice so this Mother’s Day I’m sending her our Super Shower Power Body Cleanser and Feel Refreshed Candle to spark some much-needed energy.” – Charlotte, US Brand Manager

“Louise is the ‘work Mum’ of our team and each day wouldn’t be the same without her. She makes it a joy to log on every morning and we always feel supported in the knowledge that we can go to her with everything and anything. She’ll be getting one of our You’re The Best limited-edition Candles.” – Lydia, Senior Product Manager

“I’ll be gifting my younger sister (who is the most amazing mother to 3-year-old twin girls and a beautiful baby boy) our Wellbeing Pod and Moment Of Calm Essential Oil Blend. I really want to encourage her to take some time out for herself and she really deserves a special treat.” – Isabel, Global Commercial Director