The Ultimate NEOM Wellbeing Gift Guide

Whatever the occasion, help them with better sleep, less stress, more energy or lifted mood. Because it doesn't get more thoughtful than a gift to boost their wellbeing...

The Ultimate NEOM Wellbeing Gift Guide

Call us biased but there's no better gift than one that helps to boost their wellbeing. Whether that's a little something to help with better sleep, less stress, more energy or perhaps a lifted mood, our collection of feel good favourites has it all. From birthdays and anniversaries to thank yous and other special moments, here's our expert guide to extra thoughtful gifting... 


The All-Time Best Wellbeing Gifts

From home fragrance and bath and body bestsellers to sleep saviours, there's no going wrong with these NEOM heroes... 

Luxury Scented Candles

Whatever the occasion, a Candle is sure to spark smiles. Not only are ours expertly blended with 100% natural fragrance but they're hand-poured in the UK with naturally derived wax too. With zingy citrus ones to help scent their day to calming lavender ones to help them relax, trust us when we say we've got one for every mood or moment. Our bestsellers? Real Luxury with it's de-stressing blend of lavender, sandalwood and jasmine or Happiness with it's uplifting blend of neroli, mimosa and lemon. Choose from our travel-sized, 1 wick or larger 3 wicks

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Unable to pop into one of our Wellbeing Hubs and buying online? Fragrance expert Alice du Parcq has perfectly summed up some of our best scents in this handy feature - A Guide To What Each NEOM Candle (And Essential Oil Blend) Smells Like


Pillow Mists

Imagine giving the gift of a Perfect Night's Sleep... Well, our collection of Pillow Mists will do just that. With two sleepy scents to choose from, they're best thought of as the off button we all need at the end of a busy day. Choose from Perfect Night's Sleep with it's dreamy blend of lavender, chamomile and patchouli, or for those not so keen on lavender, we have Bedtime Hero - a fresher and fruitier blend of chamomile, ylang ylang and cedarwood. 

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Magnesium Body Butters

Rich in the mighty mineral magnesium, our Magnesium Body Butters are a lovely little gift... not just great for nourishing their skin post shower or bath thanks to shea butter, aloe vera and coconut oil but the feel-good, long-lasting AND natural fragrances give a real mindful moment. Our favourite? It has to be Perfect Night's Sleep or for a more refreshing one that's great for kickstarting their day, try Great Day.

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The Best Diffuser Gifts

Loved far and wide for helping to scent any space AND bring a wellbeing boost, trust us when we say our family of Wellbeing Pods and Reed Diffusers are a fail-safe gift for anyone and everyone.


The Wellbeing Pod

Our original and iconic Wellbeing Pod is the electric diffuser every home deserves. Cleverly created to diffuse our 100% Natural Essential Oil Blends at the touch of a button, it has customisable settings, emits a warm, comforting light and diffuses for up to 7 hours. The best way to buy? Most definitely our starter packs where you’ll get a complimentary Essential Oil Blend

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The Wellbeing Pod Mini

A consistent bestseller of ours, our small but mighty Wellbeing Pod Mini is great for scenting smaller spaces or for use on-the-go. Unlike our original Wellbeing Pod, it's both waterless and wireless, holds charge for up to 50 hours and is available in both black and nude. 

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The Wellbeing Pod Luxe

Our largest of all Wellbeing Pods, the Pod Luxe is undeniably a showstopping gift that's sure to wow. Made with open-plan living and bigger spaces in mind, it works much like the original but scents for up to 12 hours and is controllable with a handheld remote. 

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Reed Diffusers

For a fuss-free and longer-lasting home fragrance gift, there's no going wrong with our classic essential oil Reed Diffusers. Again, blended with 100% natural fragrance, they'll flood any space with beautiful scent. With handy refills available too, choose from Real Luxury, Complete Bliss, Happiness, Feel Refreshed, Perfect Night's Sleep or Bedtime Hero.

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The Best Essential Oil Gifts

Essential Oil Blends

Let them experience the therapeutic powers of aromatherapy with our line-up of 100% natural Essential Oil Blends. Blended with different wellbeing concerns in mind, each and every one of our blends can be used in so many different ways. Whether that's diffusing through one of our Wellbeing Pods or dropping in their bath or shower, these little jars certainly pack a wellbeing punch. With over 10 in our core collection and another six in our Precious range, take your pick. Our bestsellers? Real Luxury, Happiness and Perfect Night's Sleep. Our Wellbeing Essential Oil Blend Collection is home to all three of these as well as our zesty Feel Refreshed one too.

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The Best Wellbeing Gift Sets

If it's a readymade gift that's good to go, discover our supercharged sets...


Wellbeing Discovery Collection

Home to a superstar line-up of four of our bestsellers, our Wellbeing Discovery Collection is the perfect introduction to NEOM. Welcoming our iconic Perfect Night’s Sleep Mist with its dreamy lavender scent, our calming Real Luxury Magnesium Body Butter, zingy Super Shower Power Body Cleanser and uplifting Happiness Scented Travel Candle, this is a great wellbeing gift set. 

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The Mood-Boosting Routine

Want to spark smiles? This six-piece collection is set to do just that. Inside they'll get our Happiness Candle, Happiness Reed Diffuser, Great Day Hand & Body Wash, Great Day Hand & Body Lotion, Uplifting Hand Balm and Great Day Wonder Balm. 

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