How Author & Podcaster Gemma Styles Finds Her Feel Good

Understanding her ADHD has allowed Gemma to work with rather than against herself. Here the author of the new book Why Am I Like This runs us through her typical day…

How Author & Podcaster Gemma Styles Finds Her Feel Good

Here at NEOM, we’re all about embracing those small everyday steps that make a BIG difference to your overall wellbeing. ‘Finding Your Feel Good’ is a series where we chat to women about the little moments in their day that bring them the most joy. Below, we talk to Gemma Styles, podcaster and author of ‘Why Am I Like This.’ 


My Morning Routine Has Changed A Lot 

“I was always a ‘later to bed, later to rise’ kind of person but that’s all changed as I’ve recently had a baby. Now I wake up anytime between 5am and 7am and my day starts by feeding and changing her before feeding and watering myself. I have porridge every morning which has become a bit of a ritual in itself and a cup of tea. If I can manage to drink it while it's still hot then I consider that a huge pocket of joy in my day!”

If I’m Feeling Sluggish I Make Myself Go Outside

“I know that being outside energises me but I’m not very good at taking myself out for a walk ‘just because I should,’ so I try to make sure that I have a reason to go out and run an errand throughout the day which takes me outside. I’m mostly still on maternity leave but I’m also self-employed so that can look a bit different to other people’s mat leaves. I try to fit bits of work in where I can throughout the day while also looking after a new baby.” 


When I Feel Stressed, I Try To Make My Environment Calmer 

“You obviously can’t just magic away all the sources of stress, but when I’m flipping out about something and I’m in a noisy or chaotic environment it always feels twice as bad. I wouldn’t consider what I do as an inherently stressful job and I’m very grateful for that but I do get stressed about work nonetheless. 

“If I’m sitting down to do some work, I like to light the NEOM Feel Refreshed Scented Candle as it helps me to focus. It gives me a bit of a mood boost and allows the space in which you’re in to feel as though you’re sitting down to do something nice.”

I Find Motivation And Time Management Difficult 

“I try to manage my ADHD brain by being honest about what my capacity really is and trying not to over-promise myself. I think that it’s important to be aware of how my brain works and try to work with myself rather than against myself. Talking it through with someone always helps too.”

I Feel Good When I’m Spending Time With My Family 

“Relaxation for me is one-on-one friend time. Tea and biscuits. Comfort TV shows I’ve already seen! When I was researching for my book Why Am I Like This I learned that introverted brains (like mine) tend to be more sensitive to dopamine and the kind of activities we find relaxing might be different from an extrovert. I find that very validating when all I want to do is curl up in the corner of the sofa in peace and quiet.”

For Me A Great Day Is About The Simple Things 

“Having a new baby means that things have become very simplified in my life. If everyone’s been looked after and I’ve ticked off all the basic self-care needs for everyone, I feel like that’s a pretty good day.”


Inside My Wellbeing Toolkit

  1. NEOM Wellbeing Pod
  2. A cosy blanket
  3. A crossword puzzle 
  4. Lip balm
  5. A pair of jeans I feel good in

You can listen to Gemma's podcast - Good Influence here or check out her new book 'Why Am I Like This' which is available for preorder now.