How Consultant Dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto Finds Her Feel Good

From prioritising her health to creating a relaxing evening routine, here’s how Dr Anjali combats a busy and sometimes stressful career…

How Consultant Dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto Finds Her Feel Good

Here at NEOM, we’re all about embracing those small everyday steps that make a BIG difference to your overall wellbeing. ‘Finding Your Feel Good’ is a series where we chat to women about the little moments in their day that bring them the most joy. Below, we talk to consultant dermatologist at Self London, Dr Anjali Mahto

As A Consultant Dermatologist And Clinic Owner, My Days Are Quite Dynamic 

“A typical day is usually filled with patient consultations, procedures or treatments and other project commitments. Essentially, I'm a doctor specialising in all things related to the body's largest organ: the skin. So, if you've got a mysterious rash, are suffering with a condition like acne or you have concerns about a suspicious mole, I'm the one you'd come to see.

During the week, my time is split between patient consultations, performing procedures like biopsies or minor surgeries, and keeping up with administrative tasks like reviewing test results or documenting patient notes. As I also own the Self London clinic, I spend a lot of time ensuring it runs smoothly too.” 


I Usually Wake Up At 6am And Start My Day With A Big Glass Of Water… And A Coffee

“I do a quick morning skincare routine, cleansing my face with a foaming cleanser, often containing something like salicylic acid as I have acne-prone skin, before following with a serum. Finally, I’ll apply sunscreen. For breakfast, I usually opt for something quick and nutritious like Greek yoghurt with berries and granola or avocado toast with eggs. I like to keep it light yet high in protein to fuel my morning before heading to work around 8am.” 


Like Any Medical Professional, Dermatology Can Be Stressful At Times 

“Dealing with patients who are anxious or in pain, managing my own busy schedule, as well as staying up-to-date with advancements in the field can all contribute to stress. However, I've developed strategies to cope with this pressure, such as maintaining a healthy work-life balance, practising mindfulness and self-care techniques, and seeking support from colleagues when needed.” 


My Absolute Non-Negotiable Is My PT Sessions

“I was recently diagnosed with a heart condition so it's essential for me to maintain a healthy work-life balance and exercise is a great way to relieve stress and boost my mood. I do two PT sessions a week and they are firmly in my calendar - I don’t ever move them. Ultimately, however stressful work can be, the satisfaction of helping patients improve their skin health hugely outweighs the challenges of the job. I’m very lucky to have a job and career that I love and I never take it for granted.” 


My Evening Routine Involves Winding Down And Preparing My Mind And Body For Sleep

“After wrapping up any remaining tasks or household chores, I begin by avoiding screens at least an hour before bedtime to allow my brain to unwind. I love a warm bath infused with a few drops of essential oils. Once out of the bath, I get into comfortable pyjamas and might make myself a tea with a snack. Before bed, I dedicate time to practising mindfulness or meditation, focusing on deep breathing exercises.”


As I Settle Into Bed, I Often Read A Few Pages Of A Book

Reading helps to transition my mind into sleep mode, and I like to opt for something light and engaging rather than overly stimulating. Lights out is usually around 10/11pm with the aim of 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Occasionally I'll listen to a podcast if I can’t sleep, but most nights, a combination of relaxation techniques and a calming environment suffice.”


A Good Day For Me Is When I Feel Fulfilled Professionally

“Knowing I’ve made a positive impact on my patients' lives and made progress in my clinic’s overarching goals is a great feeling. It's also important to me to spend quality time with loved ones so I can often be found having dinner with family at a local restaurant. Our favourite is Lemonia in Primrose Hill - an excellent Greek restaurant we’ve been going to for years.”   

Inside My Wellbeing Toolkit

  1. Physical movement - doing regular PT sessions helps me centre myself, reduce stress, and improve my overall mood. It's a powerful way to connect with my body and mind and I love the challenge of getting stronger and stronger. 
  2. Aromatherapy - I love using essential oils to create a calming atmosphere at home. Lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood are some of my favourites so I love the NEOM Perfect Night’s Sleep, Real Luxury or Bedtime Hero collections. 
  3. Reading Fiction - I like escaping into a good book, especially fiction in the evening as I find it’s a great way for me to unwind and de-stress. 
  4. Podcasts - listening to podcasts on topics like personal development helps to expand my perspective. It's a great way to unwind during chores or while winding down in the evening.
  5. Walking - Spending time outdoors always lifts my spirits. I’m lucky to live fairly close to a large park so getting my steps in in a beautiful setting never feels like a chore.