Five Beauty And Wellness Editors Share Their Travel Must-Haves

From sleep saviours and skincare staples to their go-tos for stress-free holidaying, here are the products these in-the-know editors never leave home without...

Five Beauty And Wellness Editors Share Their Travel Must-Haves

When you’re a journalist with a jam-packed schedule, constant travel becomes the norm. But travelling (for work or pleasure!) can bring about feelings of stress, unease, and insomnia, meaning maintaining a sense of calm and wellbeing is crucial. We asked five top editors to share the products they rely on to stay relaxed and focused, even amid the chaos. From soothing supplement patches to hydrating mists and sleep aids, these are the must-have items that keep them centred and stress-free on the go.

Verity Clark 

Acting Beauty Director at Grazia

NEOM Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist

“Combining my love of sleep and a good mist (I’m sensing a theme here) is a pillow mist, something I always take on holiday. A spritz on the pillow makes me feel at home and able to relax immediately. Lavender, chamomile and patchouli bring tranquillity on even the most hectic of hols.”  

Ross Barr Sleep Patches

“Flights, late nights, early starts and new beds may be a recipe for adventure but for me it’s also the perfect storm for a restless night’s sleep. Enter these herbal remedy patches from London’s coolest acupuncturist - Alexa Chung and Jamie Dornan are clients if you need proof – which are designed to bring sweet sleep relief. The aromatherapy adhesives use sweet cinnamon, wild jujube seed and coix seed to relax racing minds and restless limbs.”

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Chloe Burcham 

Freelance Beauty Editor, working for Stylist and Women’s Health magazine 

NEOM Calming Pen

“I’m not someone who follows a mammoth in-flight skincare routine when I’m travelling, but one thing I’m never without on a flight is the NEOM Calming Pen. The blend of lavender and comforting chamomile help me to switch off, and allow me to mentally transport myself to a soothing spa.”


“If I’m feeling a bit frazzled from travelling, this CBD oil helps to calm my nerves and soothe any anxiety. It’s blended with MCT oil and tastes great. I just pop a few drops under my tongue and leave it there for as long as possible to let it be delivered straight into the bloodstream. I even notice an increase in my sleep performance when I’ve taken it, via my trusty Whoop!” 

Audible App

“I honestly thank the Audible app for keeping me sane whenever I’m travelling here, there and everywhere. Whether I’ve been delayed in an airport, struggling to sleep in a different bed or simply have time-to-kill between work events, plugging into a good Stephen Fry rendition of Harry Potter has helped me switch-off and relax: wherever I am.”  


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Becci Vallis 

Freelance Beauty and Wellness Journalist, working for titles such as Red Magazine and Hip & Healthy

NEOM Big Day Energy Face Mist

“The air conditioning on flights or even hours spent in the car zaps all the moisture out of my skin so I always make sure I keep a face mist close by. A quick spritz and my skin and my mood is instantly perkier.”

Percy & Reed Wonder Balm

“Humidity means instant frizz and this lightweight balm always works wonders on my fine hair, especially when I’m travelling. You can use it on wet or dry hair and flyaways immediately disappear.”


Ross Barr Patch Pack

“These are incredible - mini miracle workers if you will. I use the healing patches when I have lower back pain post flight or period pain, the sleep patches are ideal if you struggle to find your groove in different time zones and the calm patches help your body relax as much as the sunshine!”

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Humeara Mohamed  

Freelance Beauty Journalist, working across fashion and beauty at Refinery 29 

Drowsy Sleep Mask

“This is the Beyoncé of sleep masks. Honestly, once you use one of these, you’ll never go back. Padded 22 momme mulberry silk comfortably wraps around your head to keep the light out whilst being kind to your skin and hair. An aeroplane essential.”

NEOM Wonder Balm

“It doesn’t take much to send my skin into a state of disrepair, and travelling wreaks utter havoc. Think: peeling and sensitisation. That’s where the wonder balm comes in! I love that it’s a multi-use product (especially when battling with a liquid allowance) and you can use it wherever you need a dose of hydration.”

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Madeleine Spencer 

Beauty and Wellness Editor at the Evening Standard

Clinisoothe Skin Purifier

“A sort of does-it-all spray for skin that’s stressed or irritated that’s a godsend when travelling. It’s also excellent at a pinch as a hand sanitiser.”

NEOM Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist 

“I find sleeping in different beds really difficult, and the ritual of scent lulls me into a sense of relaxation and signals to my body that it’s time to sleep.”

Mortar & Milk Lip Complex

“I loathe having dry lips, and this just sorts them out - it’s not sticky or fragranced, just does the job of hydrating and that’s it.”


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