Five Reasons You Should Visit Our NEW Kings Cross Christmas Pop Up

Posted by Samantha Nice, Nov 24, 2022

Five Reasons You Should Visit Our NEW Kings Cross Christmas Pop Up

Every day from 24th November - 3rd December 2022

This Christmas we’ve gone bigger and better than ever before with our showstopping Wellbeing Extravaganza – so much so, we’ve pitched up the big top of wellbeing in the centre of Kings Cross station to spread some seriously festive feel-good vibes far and wide. Here are five reasons it’s well worth a visit…

1. It’s Overflowing With Goodies Of Course

If you’ve not been able to visit one of our stores, fear not as you’ll be able to shop our entire range right here. From our bestselling Candles and Wellbeing Pods right through to our limited-edition Gift Sets, we’ve got every base covered.

2. Try Your Luck On Our Wellbeing Grabber

We said we wanted this Christmas to be overflowing with fun and joy and we meant it. Have a go on our retro arcade grabber and see what you win. Will it be one of our bestselling Pillow Mists, Travel Candles or Hand Balms or perhaps even a Wellbeing Pod? Don’t forget to tap to donate £2 to our charity partner the Mental Health Foundation.

3. You Could Win BIG

Not only can you win on our grabber, but we’re also offering one lucky visitor the chance to win our entire Christmas collection worth over £1,000! There are even 100 Christmas Wish candles as runner up prizes.

4. We’ll Help With Your Gifting Dilemmas

Yet to get everyone ticked off your gifting list? In need of some inspiration? We may be biased but there’s no better gift than one that boosts their wellbeing, and our expert team will help you nail the perfect gift. Whether it’s spectacular sleep, a majestic moment of calm, supercharged energy or the world's most marvellous mood boost, we’ve got something for anyone and everyone. Oh and we’re even offering complimentary gift wrapping so whatever you choose is ready to gift right away.

5. It Will Most Definitely Get You In The Festive Spirit

In true NEOM style, you’ll smell us before you see us! We’ll be filling the air with our mood-boosting, festive fragrance and our dazzling display will leave you feeling extra Christmassy.

Find us in the heart of Kings Cross Station from 7am to 7pm on 24th November to the 3rd December.

We can’t wait to see you!