Five Takeaways From Our Founder's NEW Book

And why it's a must read this new year...

Five Takeaways From Our Founder's NEW Book

Want twenty years of wellbeing wisdom packed into one brilliant book? Whether it’s better sleep, less stress, more energy or a boosted mood, you’ll love The Four Ways To Wellbeing by our founder, Nicola. Here's everything (well not everything of course) you need to know and why it's a must read this new year... 



1. You’ll Learn Some Great Sleep Tips

“For me, sleep is the foundation for better wellbeing,” says Nicola. “Get that right and there’s a pretty good chance the rest will follow.” Based on our hugely successful Perfect Night Sleep Plan, we have engaged the help of sleep specialist Nick Witton to bring you the latest, ground- breaking research in how to improve your sleep, all distilled down into super easy, achievable tips. From understanding your circadian rhythms (the biological processes that govern our sleep/wake cycle) to your sleep chronotype (lark or owl?) to the important role daylight plays in our sleep (and why getting out first thing is the best), plus sleep friendly foods and NEOM’s award winning sleep products, we’re pretty sure you’ll come away with your sleep journey sorted.


2. You’ll Realise Wellbeing Is About The Small Steps

We’ve always had an approachable attitude to wellbeing and Nicola lives by the ‘80:20’ philosophy. “I try to have a fresh, wholefood-based diet for 80% of the time and make sure that I have some movement in my day, even if it’s getting outside for 15 minutes at lunchtime,” she says. “The other 20% I indulge myself, whether that’s eating out with friends and having a nice glass (or two) of wine. You’ll find no denial or deprivation here.” No matter how little time or energy you have, better wellbeing can start with something as simple as a 15 minute power bath or adding a feel-good twist to your existing routine, like moving your morning meeting outside. As Nicola shows, we can all reap the benefits of better wellbeing without feeling like it has to be a massive effort. Because feeling good should be enjoyable, right?


3. You’ll Get The Full NEOM Backstory 

Did you know one of our bestselling Pillow Mists is sold every 15 seconds? NEOM has grown into a global brand that has pioneered in the use of 100% natural ingredients, but the idea was born out of a moment in time. After experiencing burnout in her career as a high-flying journalist in women’s magazines, Nicola identified the four wellbeing needs NEOM has been built on: sleep, stress, energy and mood. Experimenting with essential oil blends for family and friends, she started NEOM as a one-day-a week side hustle, before growing it into the wellbeing powerhouse it is today. “I liken building NEOM to climbing Mount Everest in flip flops,” she says. “It was a steep learning curve and even now I’m learning things every day.” Wise words from Nicola, who uses her own inspiring story to help female entrepreneurs and founders realise their own business dreams.


4. You’ll Hear From Some Of The Industry's Leading Experts 

“There is a lot of advice out there these days and it can feel a bit overwhelming and confusing,” says Nicola. “I’ve been lucky enough to have had access to the top experts and have benefited from their wisdom. I wanted other people to have that, to arm them with knowledge and power on their own wellbeing journey.” From selfcare expert and author of Rest to Reset psychologist Suzy Reading to gut health guru Eve Kalinik and breath coach Stuart Sandeman, hear from the industry’s best nutritionists, movement experts, stress doctors, anxiety therapists, all-natural supplement brands and more. Missed Nicola's Instagram LIVE where she talks all things stress with Suzy? Catch it here


5. You’ll See What's Worth Spending Your Money On... And What's Not 

Her podcast isn’t called The No BS Guide to Wellbeing for a reason. After twenty years and thousands of customer-led trials and science-backed research, founder Nicola can sniff out a fad at twenty paces. Refreshingly real, compassionate and no-nonsense, The Four Ways To Wellbeing uncovers what Nicola rates – and what she doesn’t. Find out from the horse’s mouth what’s worth the investment, while saving yourself a fortune on things that will end up languishing in the back of your cupboard (spoiler alert: she’s not a fan of BOGOF supplements and weighted blankets).


Keep up to date with Nicola (and share your love and feedback for the book) over on her Instagram - @nicolaelliottneom