How Lion’s Mane Mushrooms Can Help Your Wellbeing

From boosting your mood to improving focus, here's why Lion’s Mane mushrooms might just be the missing piece in your daily wellbeing routine...

How Lion’s Mane Mushrooms Can Help Your Wellbeing

Often hailed as the ‘smart mushroom,’ Lion’s Mane mushrooms have been celebrated for centuries for their potential to boost cognitive function. But information about these functional fungi has recently hit the mainstream, resulting in soaring sales and videos focussed on Lion’s Mane garnering over 87 million views on TikTok.

But are these mushrooms truly magical for our wellbeing? And are there any downsides? We chatted with Simon Salter, Co-Founder of DIRTEA, to get the lowdown on why Lion’s Mane deserves a spot in your wellness routine.


What Are the Benefits of Lion’s Mane?

Although research is still in its early stages, the findings are incredibly promising. “Lion’s Mane has been shown to boost the production of nerve growth factor (NGF),” explains Salter. “NGF is crucial for the maintenance and survival of neurons, supporting cognitive health and function.” So, if you're looking to sharpen your mental clarity and focus, Lion’s Mane might be your new best friend.

“Historically, Shaolin Buddhist monks valued Lion’s Mane for its cognitive benefits, which helped them in deep meditation,” Salter tells us. But the benefits don’t stop there – this versatile mushroom also supports digestive health and boosts immunity, thanks to its rich beta-glucan content. 


1. Helps To Promote A Sense Of Calm 

Lion’s Mane is an adaptogen, which means it helps your body manage stress and balance your mood. "Adaptogens are natural compounds that support the body’s ability to deal with stress and promote overall well-being," explains Salter. So, if juggling work and life has you feeling frazzled, Lion’s Mane might help you stay calm and collected.


2. Could Help You To Drift Off Easier 

While not a sedative, Lion’s Mane’s stress-relieving properties can help create a more relaxed state, leading to better sleep. Studies (like this one here) have found that participants who consumed Lion’s Mane report fewer symptoms of anxiety and irritation – often culprits behind poor sleep.


3. Can Help With Cognitive Function 

Lion’s Mane is widely considered as a nootropic – a natural substance that helps to boost brain function. Many people find that they have improved memory retention after taking Lion’s Mane, while some studies even suggest that Lion’s Mane could potentially benefit those with Alzheimer’s Disease. Impressive stuff.


4. Helps To Give A Natural Energy Boost 

Looking for a holistic energy lift? Unlike caffeine, which can lead to jitters and crashes, Lion’s Mane can offer a sustained energy boost. It's believed to enhance mitochondrial function – the powerhouse of our cells – leading to increased energy and reduced fatigue. Perfect for staying sharp and energised all day long.


When Should You Take Lion’s Mane?

One of the great things about Lion’s Mane is its flexibility – meaning you can take it any time of day. "Lion’s Mane is a nice alternative to coffee, offering focus without the caffeine kick," says Salter.

You can mix your Lion’s Mane powder into hot water, your morning matcha, tea, or coffee – and don’t worry, we won't judge if you still need your caffeine fix! It also blends beautifully into smoothies, providing a sneaky health boost alongside your cacao and banana shake. You can even bake Lion’s Mane into brownies or cakes, turning your favourite sweet treats into nutritious wellbeing snacks. 


How To Choose The Best Quality Lion’s Mane

When selecting Lion’s Mane supplements, quality matters. Salter advises opting for powder derived from the fruiting body of the mushroom, as it has the highest concentration of active ingredients. DIRTEA’s Lion’s Mane products are sourced from the fruiting body and undergo dual extraction for maximum potency.

It’s also worth checking where the mushrooms are grown. “Wild-harvested mushrooms are the best as they contain more active compounds,” says Salter. But they’re also pricier. Mushrooms grown on natural substrates like trees and logs are a great alternative if you’re after high quality but affordable supplements.


Cautious About Taking Functional Mushrooms?

While the benefits of Lion’s Mane might feel ‘magical’, they do not result in any psychedelic or intoxicating effects. Not a mushroom fan? You’re not alone. Mushrooms often face irrational fears, known as mycophobia, due to their elusive nature. "Mushrooms are fundamental to our planet’s ecosystem," Salter reminds us. “They often go unnoticed, as they fruit and perish quickly – and this invisibility can fuel fear. We aim to change misconceptions through education and awareness."


Why Lion’s Mane Is Trending

While the shroom boom might suggest that these functional mushrooms are just another wellness trend, we’d argue that they’re so much more. Functional mushrooms are part of a movement towards natural, preventative health solutions. As people seek ways to support their mental and physical wellbeing, the evidence-backed benefits of these mushrooms are gaining attention.

Salter and the DIRTEA team are pioneers in this movement, educating the market and paving the way for these natural remedies to become mainstream. Ready to see what Lion’s Mane can do for you? Whether you’re looking to enhance focus, balance your mood, or support overall wellbeing, Lion’s Mane could be a fantastic natural addition to your daily wellbeing routine.


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