How To Create A Showstopping NEOM Christmas Tablescape

With expert tips from Athina Bluff, founder of Topology Interiors…

How To Create A Showstopping NEOM Christmas Tablescape

A Christmas table isn’t just about looking nice, it’s a treat for the senses too. Try the art of tablescaping this season and decorate your table to create a unique and memorable experience. Instagram accounts at the ready…

1. Start With Your Centrepiece

“A centrepiece is a must for any well-styled festive table,” says Athina Bluff, founder of Topology Interiors. Place a garland the length of the table for an eye catching runner, or try a centralised floral decoration in the middle. Want to add extra lighting? “Garland centrepieces are great for hiding little battery packs in, which is perfect for battery-powered fairy lights to add an ambient glow without a plug source,” says Athina.

It’s not just about looking good though… Whether you’re working with faux or real decorations, add a layer of scent with a few drops of Essential Oil. Our NEW Cosy Nights fragrance includes a comforting blend of sandalwood, frankincense and nutmeg and conjures up smoky embers and roaring log fires, the perfect way to welcome guests in from the cold.

Athina’s top tip? Add the centrepiece first and build the rest of the tablescape around it.


2. Add The Personal Touch

To make guests feel super special, add a personal touch. “Most people will opt for a simple name tag, but how about going one step further and doing a personalised menu card?” says Athina. Whether it’s handwritten or printed, it’s a great conversation starter especially if guests don’t know each other, while giving that five star feeling without a huge amount of time or effort….

Add another pop of scent to proceedings with our Star Of The Show mini diffuser. Add a few drops of any NEOM Essential Oil and tie to door handles. Want to elevate your tablescape for the holiday season? Add the Star as a table favour or napkin setting.


3. Bring On The Candles

Nothing feels more cosy and welcoming than the ambient glow of a candle. “With festive tablescaping you can really go in with the amount of candles you want to place,” says Athina. Using candles of different sizes adds interest and ensures that light reaches all areas of the table. Athina recommends sticking to one scent to keep a consistent aroma across the table, but it’s entirely up to you. Shop our festive favourites here.


4. Give Napkins A Twist

“There’s nothing more sophisticated than a linen napkin laid on your guest’s plate,” says Athina. You don’t have to splash out on expensive napkins rings, though. “A simple piece of foliage such as stem of eucalyptus or rosemary from the garden does the trick, or even some simple brown parcel string with a dried slice of orange on it can be the perfect addition,” Athina says. Want ideas for another subtle festive orange fragrance? Our limited edition Christmas Wish Candle contains an expert blend of fruity mandarin, tonka bean and spicy cinnamon, as well as ten other essential oils.