Our Founder's Monthly Must-Haves

From beauty buys to the latest must-reads, here's what Nicola is loving right now...

Our Founder's Monthly Must-Haves

I’m often asked what’s hot right now in the world of health, wellness and beauty so here are just a few of the things I’m loving right now…


My current bedside read is The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley-Heller and I can’t put it down. It was on Reese Witherspoon’s Bookclub Picks, and I have to say it’s a gripping but easy read. I’m also enjoying Melissa Hemsley’s NEW recipe book - Feel Good: Quick and Easy Recipes for Comfort and Joy. My favourites have been the fish finger tacos with avocado cream and the roasted white beans with tahini dressing. If you’re looking for some new food inspo, definitely give this a go.


I recently did The Detox Kitchen’s 3-Day Reset and felt incredible after. I find resets like this the best way to kickstart things again if I’ve got into bad habits and can’t find any motivation to get going again. It really helped rid the bloat and I wasn’t hungry once.


I first saw London Nootropics on Dragon’s Den earlier this year and was intrigued by their adaptogenic coffee blends. I’ve been using their Flow Blend every morning which helps with mental clarity and focus – something I always welcome! I love that it’s made with pure, natural goodness too.


Glennon Doyle’s ‘We Can Do Hard Things’ has to be this month’s podcast pick. It’s a talk show where Glennon (author of ‘Untamed’) chats with his sister and other guests about the tough things life can often throw at us but it really puts things into perspective in a thought-provoking but refreshing way. Listen here.


Sceptical of collagen supplements? I was too but after just three weeks of using Kollo’s Premium Liquid Marine Collagen I have noticed a real difference in my skin. It’s brighter and feels much more hydrated that usual. I’m going to stick with it so will report back in a few months. Another beauty buy I’ve been using is Natucain’s Lash Serum – a brilliant, all-natural alternative that’s hormone-free and helps to bring your lashes back to life. It’s a great swap that I’ve encouraged all my friends to make. You can buy yours here.


After seeing so many people raving about HydraFacial, I had to get booked in. I had their signature treatment which did just about everything – deep cleansing, extracting, exfoliating, hydrating and even lymphatic draining and LED light therapy which I’ve never had before. The post-treatment glow was real. I went to their flagship clinic in London but they’ve got plenty across the UK.


Cryotherapy is also having a serious moment right now and the tool I’ve been using is 001 London’s Cryopress. I’ve been keeping this genius little tool in the freezer and it’s great for giving an ice cold facial. Top tip? It’s a real treat for headacahes and hangovers too.

My NEOM Product Of The Month

With this hot weather, it has to be our recently-launched Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s a real game-changer for not only giving super clean and nourished hair, but a cooling and fresh feeling on the scalp. I always use this alongside our Super Shower Power Body Cleanser for an invigorating and cooling shower experience.

Something or somewhere you're loving right now? Do get in touch and let me know - @nicolaelliottneom.