8 Simple Steps YOU Can Take To Be A Little More Sustainable

‘Small steps, big difference’ has always been our motto when it comes to wellbeing - but also sustainability too…

8 Simple Steps YOU Can Take To Be A Little More Sustainable

The current state of our planet can feel a bit overwhelming, but we can all play a part in bringing about positive change. To celebrate B Corp month and us becoming a certified B Corp, here are some quick and easy ways you can easily do your bit…


1. Shop From Other B Corp Businesses

B Corporation companies are vetted to meet the highest environmental standards, so by choosing to shop with a B Corp you’re making the choice to be a conscious consumer. There are now over 1,100 certified B Corps in the UK across 58 industries. Read all about some of our founder’s favourite fellow B Corps here.


2. Sell, Swap, Recycle & Rent Your Wardrobe

Fashion’s green credentials have been a hot topic in recent years, with 92 billion tonnes of textiles ending up in landfill every year (according to Earth.org), as well as the fashion industry estimated to be responsible for 10% of global emissions (more than the global aviation industry) and 20% of waste water annually. Try reducing your own consumer footprint by selling and buying second hand styles on online marketplaces like Vinted and Depop, doing clothes swaps with friends and family or donating to local charity shops. Several shops even offer good recycling incentives too… drop off your old Nikes in-store as part of their Move To Zero scheme or try taking your old clothes into H&M and receive a £5 voucher for every bag. You should also try renting - especially for occasionwear which you’ll likely only wear once! Try HURR or By Rotation.


3. Read The Labels

Want to make more conscious food shops in the supermarket? Look for the following ‘green’ labels which have all been certified by the UK government - Leaf Marque (Linking Environment And Farming), Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Soil Association, Organic Farmers & Growers LTD, Fairtrade and the Rainforest Alliance.


4. Drink Shade Grown Coffee

No, it’s not a trendy new flat white but coffee that has been grown sustainably under a canopy of trees to protect flora, fauna and local wildlife. Look for Fairtrade brands. Some of our favourites? Bird & Wild or Allegro Coffee.


5. Make Greener DIY Choices

You don’t have to fork out on solar panels to green-proof your home. Instead, try choosing eco-friendly, water-based paints, environmentally-friendly wood varnishes and waxes and non-toxic wallpaper from FSC or PEFC certificated sustainable forests. Look for low or zero VOC products: they contain a lower amount of volatile organic compounds and are less harmful to the environment and humans. We LOVE Coat Paints!


6. Ditch Doing The Dishes

Is washing up your least favourite chore? You’ll be pleased to know that putting on a fully loaded dishwasher is still more environmentally friendly than doing the dishes by hand, according to Friends of the Earth (and they should know).


7. Don’t Leave Your Phone Charging Overnight

It takes 2-4 hours for your smartphone to charge, yet lots of us put them on overnight. Instead, try charging your phone BEFORE bed – and remember to switch the charger off afterwards, as left plugged in it still generates a small amount of energy. With an approximate 1.5 billion iPhone users worldwide, that adds up to a lot of waste!


8. Recycle & Reuse... Especially In The Bathroom

Planet-proof your bathroom cabinet by recycling your empties and ditching single-use plastics where possible. Swap cotton pads for face clothes and look for more sustainable alternatives to things like cotton buds and face wipes. Also look for refillable options... like our Hand & Body Washes. We're also big on reusing and repurposing things like your empty candle jars. Need some inspo? Have a read of this which shows you 6 ways to give your Precious Candle jar a second life.