Things you didn't know about the Wellbeing Pod

If you haven't heard about the Wellbeing Pod. This is your time.

Things you didn't know about the Wellbeing Pod

We’re all embarking on the new normal and staying home. So, when your home needs a little extra love… welcome in The NEOM Wellbeing Pod. Here’s a few things about the amazing Pod that you might not already know.

Launched in the summer of 2018. And since then has been our best selling product, it really is the one that really stole the show. It continues to get everyone all ooh-ing and ahh-ing AND saying things like.. “I’m just obsessed”.

But, did you know that it took over a year to develop? It's a bespoke design by our Founder Nicola, who sent a hand drawing over to a specialist pottery company in Portugal. It’s made with gravure ceramic texture and is finished by hand.

Making of the wellbeing pod

Nicola was so passionate about making sure every detail was just right. From the matt feel of the ceramic cover, to the gravere design, to the rose gold touches (ahem that’s not copper guys), so it would fit into any home and look INCREDIBLE for years to come.

It really is so versatile. We hear often our customers are so pleased with the investment - because it’s there forever. So easy to switch out your scent to suit your mood. Perhaps Feel Refreshed for the morning for that at home work out, followed by Focus The Mind in your at home office to give it some oompf (and get some mental clarity). To calming evenings with Moment of Calm or Real Luxury, followed by dreamy bedtime scents - Bedtime Hero OR Perfect Night’s Sleep (which are VERY different scents - find out what makes our Scent to Sleep fragrances so different here).

“The Wellbeing Pod really was a labour of love. I wanted to create something electronic in the home scenting space for years. It makes boosting your wellbeing (and not forgetting everyone around you), so easy. Just one touch of a button and it’s pumping out essential oils. No extra time required. And it’s so versatile too - just one pod can offer 10 different moods.” Nicola Elliott, NEOM Founder.

“I love to use it at night in the children's bedrooms. Just add a few drops of Perfect Night's Sleep Essential Oil Blend and switch it on. While the kids are in the bath, the scent is filling their rooms and (because it has a built in timer and night light), it’s perfect for drifting off as well, as it turns off automatically after, one, two, or three hours (whichever works for you).” Says Nicola.

It’s super-easy to use...

1 Simply add tap water to the water line and add 5 -10 drops of essential oil into the Pod, and switch it on to instantly release a heatless, fine mist of scented vapour into the air. At the touch of a button, you can use it to help you relax, sleep better, feel less stressed, more energized or get a mood lift.

2 Set your time. There are 4 settings to pick from.

3 To switch to scent, all you need to do is wipe it out with a dry, clean cloth (or paper towel) and then it’s ready for a new mood. (More info on how to look after your Pod HERE).

And finally, what is really great about the Wellbeing Pod is that it works as a humidifier - working to purify the air around you for a cleaner and calmer home. So it's just a really great wellbeing product to have in your family home and truly makes your home a haven.

I hope you love, love, love it like we do. Have you tried it yet?

Let us know how you’re finding it, what you love about it OR why not post YOUR Wellbeing Pod pic over on Instagram. Tag us @neomorganics and use #NeomWellbeingPod.

One button, 10 moods

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