Top Tips For Levelling Up Your Wellbeing

Posted by Samantha Nice, Jan 31, 2024

As female founders of B Corp brands, our founder Nicola and Wild Nutrition’s founder Henrietta and are aligned on many things when it comes to boosting wellbeing. Here they talk through their best advice and what’s inside their wellbeing toolkit...  

Let’s start with what wellbeing means to them both. “Sunny mornings, being outside, horse riding with my daughter or snuggled up reading a book. It really is the small things which can help to make a BIG difference. I’ve learnt so much about prioritising the things which make me feel good so I try to carve time out to do these things as and when I can”, says Nicola.  

Similarly for Henriette, wellbeing is all about balance. “Spending time in nature each day helps me achieve this. Stepping outside in the morning light, even if just to enjoy a morning tea for five or ten minutes, helps synchronise our body clocks and offers myriad benefits to our immune system, circulation, hormones and cognition,” she says.  


For Better Sleep... 

“Sleep really is the gateway to better wellbeing,” says Nicola. “Last year, we worked with expert sleep consultant Nick Witton to devise our Perfect Night’s Sleep Plan which detailed the 11 Golden Rules to sleep. One of the most fascinating things was the importance of a consistent bedtime and getting daylight exposure in the mornings. Both are great for regulating your circadian rhythm - your internal body clock. I’ve always been big on a wind-down routine and this is also a must for good sleep as it helps you to switch off from the business of the day.”  

A long soak in the bath not only encourages a little time out but the warmth also helps to reduce your body’s core temperature and signal that it's time for bed. I’ll always supercharge mine with our Magnesium Bath Milk which is packed with relaxing (and 100% natural) essential oils like lavender as well as the mighty mineral magnesium which helps to relieve tired bodies.”  


A fellow advocate of miracle mineral magnesium, Henrietta adds, “I’ve had a jar by my bedside for the last ten years and never leave home without it. Magnesium reduces tiredness while supporting the nervous system - it makes a profound difference for so many.” 

Any final thoughts on creating the optimal sleep routine? “Try to avoid laptops, screens and television before bedtime as the blue light affects the production of sleep hormone melatonin. Invest in a pair of blue-light blocking glasses or perhaps go back to a good old fashioned paper book,” adds Henrietta.  



For Less Stress... 

Juggling motherhood, writing, nutritional therapy and Wild Nutrition, Henrietta is no stranger to the pressure of deadlines. “I ring-fence time in the morning to do my meditation and yoga practice. They have become an integral part of my life and I find that my day pans out very differently if I don’t do them.”  

Many years ago, Henrietta travelled to Sri Lanka where she met an Ayurvedic doctor who introduced her to the apoptogenic herb ashwagandha. Impressed by its ability to support mental wellbeing and positive mood, Henrietta set about researching the finest ashwagandha she could find. That extract is KSM-66, the highest concentration, full spectrum root extract. “Without question, it’s the very best form of Ashwagandha on the market today, one I’ve turned to myself when life’s been particularly busy or demanding.”  



Having experienced a difficult time some years ago, Nicola tells us: “I’ve had a slight fascination with stress since experiencing burnout many years ago… in fact this is what led me into starting NEOM! Many of us feel the impact of stress and again, it can look so different for everyone but, like with most things, prevention is always best. I’d urge everyone to be mindful of how stress makes you feel, what’s sparked it and what can make you feel better.  

“Writing lists (and clearing them!) always helps me, as does taking a break and getting outside for some fresh air. If not, I’ll tune in to my breathing - we’re big advocates of the 7-11 method. Breathe in for 7 seconds and out for 11. In my stress-busting toolkit, you’ll find our Calming Pen - a fab little rollerball which is packed with a soothing blend of essential oils. Our Real Luxury Candle is another favourite for helping me to unwind after a stressful day.” 


For More Energy... 

In a recent poll of Wild Nutrition customers, 60% said that flagging energy levels was a key health concern. With the pace of modern living, it's not surprising that so many of us are feeling fatigued but energy production goes so much deeper than simply fuelling up on carbs.  

“We need to nourish ourselves with quality fats and protein in every meal to balance our blood sugar and keep us fuller for longer, without the temptation to turn to sugary snacks or caffeine for a quick energy fix”, says Henrietta.  

“By optimising vital micronutrients, we can support all our body’s energy systems including the mitochondria (the powerhouses of our cells), as well as our immune system, thyroid, hormones and cognition. It was with this holistic mindset that I formulated Energy Support, a unique blend of nutrients powering the energy-generating processes at work in our bodies and minds. I’m pleased to say our customers are loving it.”  

Nicola has this advice: “Energy is linked so closely to sleep - it goes without saying that getting too little sleep will affect your energy so my first bit of advice to anyone is to always try your best to prioritise your sleep. After this, I try to turn to ‘natural energy’ and not powering myself up with caffeine or sugary snacks to prop myself up.  

Some of the best ways I get a zap of energy include a 20-minute power walk outside or a quick workout, body brushing before my morning shower, energy-boosting foods and of course a few NEOM products dotted throughout my day. Our Super Shower Power Body Cleanser is a real icon thanks to the zingy blend of essential oils and I also love our Focus The Mind Essential Oil Blend in my Pod to get me through busy work days.”  


For A Lifted Mood... 

Much like the other three pillars, Nicola is a big advocate of keeping her wellbeing toolkit topped up with products which help to bring joy. “I love our Happiness mood-boosting essential oil which welcomes an uplifting blend or mimosa, neroli and lemon. I’ll usually diffuse it through my Wellbeing Pod on work from home days or weekends in. Other favourites include our Great Day Body Scrub which is great for sparking good vibes for the day ahead. I try to weave in other little moments throughout the day too like our Uplifting Hand Balm.” 

Henrietta’s wellbeing go-tos? “Aside from time in nature each day and an almost daily, yoga and stillness practice I am a firm believer in the power of laughter - everyday preferably! Even the longest, heaviest feeling day can be lifted by a bit of humour, and I think that’s a wonderful, free well-being tonic. Second, but equally important, is a good quality Daily Multivitamin. Even with a varied, home-cooked, organic diet, it’s not always possible to get all the nutrients we need from our food. A multivitamin is the key starting point for me and makes a felt difference to my wellbeing.”