What Are The Benefits Of A Natural Candle?

Four reasons why your scented candle stash should be filled with NEOM Candles… 

What Are The Benefits Of A Natural Candle?

What to know more about why a natural candle is best? You're in the right place...

When our founder Nicola started NEOM in 2005, her goal was clear. Through using all-natural ingredients, she wanted to move the dial on from candles being something that didn’t just smell nice or were only used as a lifestyle accessory in your living room, to being a genuinely enjoyable experience that also boost people’s wellbeing.

Nearly twenty years on, our candles still contain 100% natural fragrance, including a complex blend of different essential oils, natural extracts and natural isolates, as well as 100% naturally derived wax. Here are four reasons to try a natural NEOM candle

1. They Smell Incredible

Undeniably the best benefit (and why we all buy scented candles after all), each and every NEOM candle is renowned for its naturally powerful and trademark scents that fill any space in seconds… even without being lit!

Free from synthetic fragrances, our candles are expertly blended with 100% natural essential oils such as zesty citrus scents like orange and lemon to floral favourites like jasmine, geranium and soothing lavender. Did you know that we put around 30ml of essential oils into each one of our 3 wick candles? That’s around three to four bottles of our much-loved Essential Oil Blends per candle to supercharge, stimulate and soothe your senses…

2. They Pack A Wellbeing Punch

Not only do the high inclusion of essential oils mean they smell great, but they also help to deliver a whole host of different wellbeing benefits too. How? When you light your candle and inhale the essential oil scents, they are received by receptors in your olfactory system – AKA your nose. These receptors then send a signal to your limbic system (the part of your brain which manages emotional and behavioural responses) where it cleverly produces neurochemicals and hormones. These neurochemicals and hormones then act like little messengers to help spark certain feelings.

Different essential oils bring different benefits, which is why each NEOM candle (and every one of our products in fact) is carefully blended to help address specific wellbeing concerns. Whether that’s calming essential oils known to help relieve stress (hello Real Luxury Scented Candle), relaxing ones known to help you prepare for sleep (hello Perfect Night’s Sleep Scented Candle) energising ones known to boost energy or uplifting ones known to help with your mood. Trust us when we say we have a candle for every mood or moment…

3. They’re Hand-Poured In The UK

Our candles are hand-poured in the UK by a team of artisans, while our packaging is also made in the UK too. We only use natural wicks like cotton and paper, making our candles completely clean burning. Real expertise is used in mixing and pouring the wax, to ensure it burns evenly too. Our original candle was developed with three wicks, so the essential oils fill the room after just 20 minutes. See them being made in action here!

4. They’re Planet-Friendly

As a proud B Corp (read more about this here), we put the wellbeing of our people and planet first. We only use natural and naturally-derived formulations in all of our products and all our paper, cardboard packaging and delivery boxes have been responsibly-sourced from sustainable forests and are 100% recyclable. We don’t use paraffin as it’s derived from petroleum, which is not a renewable source. None of our candles contain any petroleum ingredients either, so no mineral oil, petrolatum or paraffin.