Our tips for sleeping in the heat

It’s HOT out there

Our tips for sleeping in the heat

There are SO many good things about summer, but anyone in a house built for insulation (i.e. most people in the UK) can relate to the sticky nightmare that can be summer nights in a heatwave. But before you go ripping up your carpet and replacing it with tiles, or dragging your mattress on to the patio, try these tips for getting some extra shuteye in the heat. You’ll wake up refreshed, and ready to enjoy the scorching heat while it lasts!

Have a bath/shower (yes, really)

An evening bath or shower is super important for your sleep routine, try and time it an hour or two before bed, to give your body the chance to release the heat it needs before sleep.

If you're a bath person, our tip is to keep the water warm-ish, resist the temptation to make it icy cold as your body will go into heat-preserving mode, which is the opposite of what you want. And while you’re lathering up, start signalling to your brain and body that it’s time to rest with a sleepy bath foam or body oil.

More of a shower fan but can't face a cold one? Try our Super Shower Power Body Cleanser and Super Shower Power Haircare range for a super cooling and refreshing experience.

Check your linens

Or, more accurately, wear them. You’ve probably invested in summer PJs, and choosing a fabric like linen will keep you cool. But make sure you have a super-breathable cotton set of bedsheets too, and the combo is likely to keep you cooler all night. No waking up and turning the pillow over in the middle of the night! Natural fabrics are the key here so get your cotton set to the top of the laundry pile if you can.

Avoid these foods before sleep

High sugar, caffeine or spicy foods can play havoc with your sleep routine, so try and avoid that ice cream sundae and stick to healthy nuts, fish, lean meat like turkey and chamomile tea instead of normal, on hot days.

Boost your energy throughout the day

As tempting as it can be to doze off on a sun lounger, or in a patch of sought-after shade, you might come to regret that nap when you’re trying to doze off. Set yourself up for night-time success by placing some energy-boosting scents around your home during the day, or popping an energising Essential Oil Blend in your Wellbeing Pod Mini as you move between breezy spots.

Ice your fan

Hopefully you’ve already purchased a fan (if the shelves are bare, invest in the cold spell between heatwaves!) Set a bowl of ice cold water in front of it to help circulate cool air around the room, and for an extra boost add a few drops of Bedtime Hero or Perfect Night’s Sleep Essential Oil Blend to the water as you’re getting ready for bed.

Keep your bedroom shady

Anticipating hot days? Be sure to keep your curtains and blinds closed to avoid the sunlight beaming in all day. Also keep windows and doors ajar too.

Spritz our Pillow Mist

Once you’ve done all of the above, don’t forget your Pillow Mist. The ultimate last step in your nightly routine, it works wonders for helping you to drift off - especially when you’re feeling a little more restless than usual. If you're a lover of lavender, the Perfect Night's Sleep fragrance is for you. Part of the anti-lavender lot? Try Bedtime Hero, a calming blend of chamomile nectar, a twist of spicy ylang ylang and soothing cedarwood.