13 Expert (And Must-Try) Tips For How To Sleep In The Heat

Let's help you to still bank a Perfect Night's Sleep even when it is super hot...

13 Expert (And Must-Try) Tips For How To Sleep In The Heat

Whilst we’re all for this warmer weather, it really isn’t conducive to getting a Perfect Night’s Sleep is it? If you’re wanting some tried and tested advice on how to sleep in the heat, you’re in the right place as some of our favourite wellbeing experts have shared their top tips...

1. Switch To A Summer-Friendly Duvet

If you’re not changing your duvet with the seasons... let this be your reminder too. “Your winter duvet will have a much higher tog number which means they are thicker and warmer,” says Instagram’s favourite medical doctor, Dr Frankie Jackson-Spence. “Changing yours to a thinner, lighter tog version in the summer will help you regulate your temperature at night.” Look for one that’s between 2 and 4.5 tog and one which has natural fillings such as silk, cotton or one with a high down content.

2. Rethink Your Sleeping Position

Usually sleep on your front or back? Try sleeping on your side instead as this not only exposes more of your body to the air but it also means heat can escape more easily which will help to regulate your body temperature to a more comfortable (and less sticky) level.

TOP TIP: Keeping your hands and feet out of your duvet at night will also help to regulate your temperature too.

3. Opt For Cool, Breathable Bedding... And Nightwear

It’s not just your duvet you might want to reconsider but your bed linen too. Polyester and other synthetic fabrics have a tendency to retain heat and are also water-resistant which isn’t good news for sweaty nights. The best solution? Aeyla’s Silk Sheets which are made from sustainable eucalyptus fibres and have been expertly created to maximise cooling and breathability. They also work wonders for efficient moisture management and counter heat-build up for a consistently cool sleep experience. Oh, and they feel super nice too.

Also be mindful of but your pyjama choices too... “Go for loose-fitting ones in light, breathable materials like cotton or linen,” says Dr Frankie. These won’t cling to you, and they also allow the air to flow between the fibres better than other materials. We love Desmond & Dempsey’s 100% cotton sets or H&M have some well-priced, 100% cotton ones too.

4. Keep Your Bedroom Cool

According to expert sleep consultant (and the brains behind our 28-day Perfect Night’s Sleep Plan), your bedroom should be between 16 and 19 degrees for optimal sleep. Try keeping your curtains and blinds closed throughout the day too as the heat from the sun will make your room much warmer than usual. “If you can, try sleeping with the window open a little and your bedroom door too to help get a breeze running through,” suggests Dr Frankie.

5. Invest In A Good Fan

An obvious suggestion we know, but since most of us don’t have the luxury of air conditioning, a fan is your next best bet. “I love the Dyson ones as they not only help to regulate the temperature in the room, but they also purify the air too,” says Dr Frankie. For a more budget-friendly version, we love this bladeless dupe from Amazon. The white noise it gives is also super calming too. Win, win!

6. Try A Morning Workout Or More Restorative Movement

“Exercising can cause your core body temperature to elevate which in turn may affect your sleep – especially if done within 90 minutes of bedtime,” says Shona Vertue, personal trainer, yoga teacher and founder of The Vertue Method. “Try getting your workout done first thing or during the day if you can but if the evening is you’re only available time, opt for more restorative forms of movement like yoga, pilates or walking as opposed to more strenuous activity. With all of this said, exercise is great for boosting your overall sleep quality so I wouldn’t be advocating skipping it altogether.”

7. Cool Off With A Lukewarm Shower

For immediate relief, we’re big advocates of a cold shower (or bath) especially as cold water therapy can bring so many other great wellbeing benefits. “Having a cold shower can help you to instantly feel refreshed - handy for those who are extra hot and sweaty, but you may be better off with a lukewarm shower to actually cool you down more in the long run,” says Dr Frankie. “This is because with a cold shower, the blood vessels to the skin constrict so blood flow to the skin reduces. Less blood flow to the skin means reduced heat loss from the body so your core body temperate can actually increase in the period after having cold water exposure,” she adds.

8. Do Use Our Super Shower Power Range

One way to get a super refreshing shower experience without turning the temperature down is to reach for our Super Shower Power staples. Expertly blended with zingy essential oils like spearmint, rosemary and eucalyptus, it not only revitalises and energises your skin, but your mind and body too. With a body cleanser, body polish and shampoo and conditioner, you can really get the full works from top to toe.

9. Chill Your Favourite Products

As you know we’re big on a wind down routine to help prepare you for a Perfect Night’s Sleep and in the summer, we love nothing more than stashing some of our products in the fridge. Our favourite? It has to be the Bedtime Hero Magnesium Body Butter which is even in our superpowered summer sale right now too. Simply pop it in the fridge for 20-30 minutes whilst you have your evening shower or bath and then apply for the ultimate cooling sensation.

10. Stay Hydrated

“Warmer weather not only makes us sweat more, but it also makes us more prone to dehydration which can be a huge disruptor when it comes to sleep. To counteract this, make sure you’re drinking more than usual throughout the day,” advises expert nutritionist Emily English – AKA @EmTheNutritionist. “Do try and avoid excessive fluids before bed however as midnight trips to the bathroom will also disturb your sleep!”

TOP TIP: “Sweating due to heat can also lead to the loss of essential electrolytes which can also mess around with your sleep,” says Emily. “Try to consume foods which are rich in electrolytes like potassium and magnesium. Examples being bananas, avocados, pumpkin seeds and leafy greens.

11. Eat Earlier... And A Little Lighter

“Eating heavy meals can raise your body temperature as digestive is a metabolically intensive process,” says Emily. “Your body’s metabolic processes slow down during sleep and your body has less time to process the food before it goes into rest mode. Eating too late at night can also cause disruptions in your sleep stages – especially REM sleep, so try and opt for a lighter, protein-rich dinner with less carbohydrates. A good rule of thumb is to try and not eat any major meals within three hours of bedtime.” A little peckish? A light, protein-focused snack closer to bedtime is okay.

12. Watch Those Pimm's and Iced Lattes

As tempting as it can be to guzzle iced coffees in the afternoon or have a post-work Pimm's in the park, both alcohol and caffeine will also make drifting off trickier. “Both can interfere with your body’s natural temperature regulation which will disrupt sleep,” says Emily. “Try to avoid these too close to bedtime and set a curfew. Midday for coffees and ideally 3 hours before bed for alcohol. When it comes to foods, spicy and high-fat foods can also cause indigestion and discomfort which could also potentially keep you awake,” she adds.

13. Try These Cool Little Hacks

Heard of the ice in front of your fan trick? We can confirm it works. Simply place a shallow bowlful of ice directly in front of your fan. As the air passes over it, it will circulate refreshingly cold, AC-like air. Another good one is the cold hot water bottle... Fill your hot water bottle with water and put it in the freezer a few hours before bed before then placing between your sheets for some cooling relief. Oh, and one more... try putting a pair of socks in the freezer. Yes, your socks... in the freezer. Pop them on before getting into bed as keeping your feet cool will help to lower your overall body temperature.