World Sleep Day: An Essential Guide to Better Sleep

Discover how to take part and improve your sleep once and for all...

World Sleep Day: An Essential Guide to Better Sleep

Our handy guide to World Sleep Day 2023 gives you the lowdown, along with how NEOM can help you achieve your sleep goals. Plump up your pillows sleepyheads, and prepare to relax.

  • What Is World Sleep Day?
  • When Is World Sleep Day
  • 2023 World Sleep Day Theme
  • Get Involved With World Sleep Day 2023
  • 5 Reasons Why Good Sleep Is So Important
  • Promoting Better Sleep Through Aromatherapy


    What Is World Sleep Day?

    What could be better: a whole day dedicated to the wonderfulness of good sleep? Launched in 2008 by the World Sleep Society, World Sleep Day is now a global movement celebrating the importance of good sleep in a world that operates 24/7.

    Having a sleep-friendly routine is the foundation for the dream night’s shuteye and World Sleep Day is the perfect chance to install some simple, super effective habits based on the best expertise and ground-breaking research. Get involved and you could walk away sleeping better for life.

    When Is World Sleep Day?

    This year’s World Sleep Day falls on Friday March 17th. Just like eating well and exercising, good sleep is essential for our mental health, physical health, and social wellbeing

    2023 World Sleep Day Theme

    This year’s theme for World Sleep Day is ’Sleep is Essential for Health.’ Members of the World Sleep Society, sleep experts, and community health advocates from over 70 countries will be coming together to organise local, regional, and national activities to promote sleep health and raise awareness.

    Get Involved With World Sleep Day 2023

    So on a personal level, how can you get involved? We’ve put together our top tips for you to participate in this year’s World Sleep Day yourself:

    • Share #WorldSleepDay online
    • Organise or participate in an awareness activity in your community or workplace
    • Interview a credible sleep expert on the importance of sleep health for World Sleep Day content and share on your social channels. Remember to tag @worldsleepsociety and use the hashtag #WorldSleepDay
    • Treat yourself to a luxurious nighttime pampering session using NEOM’s bestselling, tried and tested sleep products. Create a haven of calm with a relaxing sleep candle in your bathroom, and take the calming scent to the bedroom with a soothing sleep diffuser. An easy way to encourage sleep at night is spritzing our calming pillow mist - it's 5-star rated for a reason!

    5 Reasons Why Good Sleep Is So Important

    Getting enough quality sleep is essential for our brains and bodies. To celebrate World Sleep Day, here’s some science-backed reasons why:

    1. It makes us mentally sharper

    Getting enough high quality sleep improves cognitive function, including better concentration, memory and performance levels. Studies show that sleep is also important for creativity, mental process and effective problem solving.

    2. It keeps us healthy

    Good sleep plays a vital role in our immune system’s ability by boosting our infection-busting white blood cells. Numerous studies have found that sleep deprivation negatively impacts the immune system, leaving us more susceptible to illness.


    3. It boosts our mood

    Sufficient sleep gives the brain the perfect opportunity to sift the emotional information we take on in the waking hours and helps us to retain positive emotions. Studies show that a lack of sleep can influence mood and emotional and has been linked to mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.

    4. It’s good for our skin

    During sleep our cells renew and repair and that includes our collagen, the protein responsible for helping our skin keep its volume and elasticity. A study in the journal Sleep on sleep deprivation found that individuals on five hours of sleep a night were perceived to have puffier faces, more wrinkles and fine lines and dark circles under their eyes. They also looked sadder, with that sadness attributed to looking fatigued.

    5. It makes us more emotionally intelligent

    A 2022 US study of sleep habits found that people who had more high quality sleep perceived themselves as doing well in social situations, maintaining positive relationships, coping with stress better and controlling impulses.

    Promoting Better Sleep Through Aromatherapy

    Essential oils have proven benefits for sleep and research shows that smell can directly affect our sleep. The calming scents can help to soothe our minds and muscles, putting us in the right headspace for a good night’s rest. Particular essential oils are best for promoting quality sleep. Many people are familiar with lavender essential oil’s many benefits, one of which is to help you relax which is the first step in ensuring you have a peaceful night.

    Take back control of your own sleep and spread the word about sleep health awareness on this year’s #WorldSleepDay.

    At Home Wellbeing With NEOM

    Ready to join us on World Sleep Day 2023 and start sleeping better? Through our range of aromatherapy candles, electric diffusers, and expertly blended essential oils, we aim to help you to take control of your wellbeing. Don't forget to also check out of 28 day science-backed Perfect Night's Sleep Plan which teaches you the 11 Golden Rules to better sleep thanks to expert sleep consultant Nick Witton.