How To Make Your Shower Just As Relaxing As Your Bath

Five ways to supercharge your shower to create the ultimate calming experience morning or night... 

How To Make Your Shower Just As Relaxing As Your Bath

Short on time but craving a wellbeing moment? Not fancying a bath in the warmer weather? Still want to feel as relaxed as you do from a long soak? Here are five ways to supercharge your shower to create the ultimate calming experience morning or night... 


1. Scent The Scene

We're all about making every moment a good smelling one... after all who said candles were just for bath time? Try lighting one of our hand-poured Scented Candles 10-15 minutes before hopping in the shower to let the 100% natural fragrance fill your bathroom. Another insider top tip... try freezing a few drops of Essential Oil Blend with some water in an ice cube try. Pop this in your shower tray and get ready for a big burst of scent. 

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2. Pick The Perfect Products

You didn't think we'd talk about the ultimate shower without plugging a few NEOM heroes did you? Not only do our collection of products help to nourish your skin but they also smell great and pack a wellbeing punch too thanks to each and every one being expertly blending with 100% natural essential oils. The latest shower staple is our NEW Real Luxury Cocooning Shower Cream which is just as dreamy as it sounds. Creamy AND calming, it not only helps to cleanse your skin and keep it hydrated for up to 48 hours* but it's also packed with soothing essential oils like lavender, geranium and cedarwood too. Top tip: take your time massaging this into your skin and be sure to inhale the fragrance. Our favourite mindful breathing technique is to breathe in for 7 seconds and out for 11. 

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3. Sound Track Your Shower

Another sure-fire way to bring calm vibes, try listening to some relaxing music. This is one of our favourite ways to really tune out from the stresses of your day and instead into a more mindful state. Whether that's spa-like music or a meditative playlist, find something you find soothing. We've even got our very own Spotify playlists you may like. Try our De-Stress Vibes one or Soak In Wellness


3. Turn Down The Lights 

Lighting is another biggie. If you can, dim the lights and avoid showering in super bright light. This is particularly beneficial for those taking a calming shower before bed as dimmer lighting before bed can help to signal to your brain it's time to sleep which may mean you fall asleep faster. If you don't have a dimmer switch, try popping on the light in your hallway instead and leaving your bathroom one off. Better still, try showering by candlelight


4. Tune In To The Temperature

With so much talk around ice baths and the benefits of a warm bath right now and the weather quite literally blowing hot and cold, you may be flitting between freezing cold or steaming hot. The best temperature for your calming shower is in fact one which is similar to your body temperature. This will likely feel slightly warmer than lukewarm. Not only will this still give you a steamy experience but it also won't dry out your skin as much as really hot water can. 


5. Keep It Up Post-Shower

The calming experience doesn't need to stop once you've stepped out. In fact, we're big on making every moment a relaxing one. For a lightweight dose of hydration and a mighty mineral boost for your skin, try our Real Luxury Multi-Mineral Body Milk. This too is from our Scent to De-Stress collection and is a real treat for the senses. Take a few extra minutes to massage this in and enjoy the soothing scent. For those who prefer a thicker, buttery texture, try our Real Luxury Magnesium Body Butter which is also packed full of magnesium.