Inside My Tried And Tested Stress-Busting Toolkit

Our founder Nicola shares her go-to gadgets and products for helping banish stress…

Inside My Tried And Tested Stress-Busting Toolkit

There’s no denying that stress can catch us all out from time to time but I’m a big believer in creating a daily toolkit of things which can help you to feel a little more cool, calm and collected. Here are some of my absolute saviours when it comes to stress…

NEOM Real Luxury Essential Oil Blend

My default state is always busy, busy, busy which is probably why I suffered (and still do) from stress and anxiety. In fact it was the point at which I realised I was burning the candle at both ends as a busy journalist which led me into creating NEOM in 2005. Real Luxury was the first ever fragrance I blended with 100% natural essential oils to help de-stress and calm and today it’s still one of our best sellers. I love to use mine in my Wellbeing Pod in the evenings.


Wild Nutrition KSM-66 Ashwagandha Plus

I try to be really mindful of the supplements I take and pick and choose them wisely. It’s all about supplementing in the right areas and not just for the sake of it. I’ve always loved Wild Nutrition supplements - not just because they’re a fellow B Corp but because they’ve been expertly created by nutritional practitioner Henrietta Norton using natural, sustainable ingredients. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that helps your body to resist both physical and mental stress so I take this every morning. One thing I will say is that it’s not an immediate relief, it takes a few weeks of consistent use to feel the effects so stick with it!


London Nootropics Zen Coffee

A coffee is a must for me every morning but I’ve recently switched my usual oat latte for this Zen Coffee from London Nootropics which gives way more than just a quick caffeine hit. As you’d expect from the name, this particular blend welcomes CBD and ashwagandha and really helps me to feel alert and focused yet calm. I don’t get that usual irritable feeling I’d often get from normal coffee either. Win, win.

Whoop Band

One of my favourite little gadgets is this brilliant band from Whoop. It gives me daily insights about my stress levels (both mentally and physically) by measuring my heart rate and giving me a ‘strain score’. It’s affected by all sorts of things like anxiety levels, how much exercise I have (or haven’t!) done and even how busy I’ve been with work, parenting and just life in general. It does help to remind me if I’ve done too much and I love that it also gives you science-backed techniques to help you manage your stress. Their breathwork sessions are great. Oh and it’s not just stress, it also measures your sleep too and helps you to find your optimal times to go to bed and wake up.

NEW NEOM Calming Pen Essential Oil Rollerball

I am ALWAYS on-the-go… whether that’s the school run or running around after the kids in general, out and about for meetings or in the office. One thing I knew we needed in our collection was something that would help with these little moments when things get a little much. Well say hello to our NEW Calming Pen. Simply roll on to your pulse points and breathe in the 100% natural essential oils which have been cleverly blended to have a calming effect. Not yet tried it? Let this be my reminder to you!

Suzy Reading Rest To Reset Book

One of the best pieces of advice I can give to you if you’re suffering with stress is to learn to rest and relax. It may sound a little strange but you actually have to make time for it AND prioritise it. I spent years not doing this but now I make a conscious effort to. I’ve long been a fan of Suzy Reading but her latest book talks all about reset - telling you what it is and how rest comes in many different forms. I love the ‘Create Your Own Rest Prescription’ which gives you 25 toolkits and tips to help you switch off. It’s an easy read but packed full of super useful advice.


Headspace App

Talking of rest and relaxation, the Headspace app is great for helping me to switch my busy brain off. There are heaps and heaps of guided meditations, music and mindfulness exercises - some as short as 3 minutes! I not only like these just before bed to help me sleep, they’re also great to do in the mornings if you wake up feeling a bit out of sorts and overwhelmed. They do really clear your mind which is one of the best stress management techniques you can do.


Bed Of Nails Accupressure Mat

I don’t use this enough but I really should as it’s a great one for built up tension and relieving stress - particularly after a long day. Just 10 minutes lying on this spiky mat and I genuinely do feel calmer. It works by stimulating the body’s nervous system which helps to release endorphins and oxytocin. It may feel a little painful to begin with but it does help clear your mind and I always sleep better for it too.


Infrared Sauna Treatment at London Cryo

I’ve always loved a sauna but only recently tried an Infrared sauna… yes they’re different! Unlike traditional saunas which raise the air temperature, an infrared sauna works by using infrared light to directly heat the body. This makes your blood vessels dilate and your heart rate to increase which really makes you sweat. The reason this is so good for you is that the sweat glands are one of the only ways our body can get rid of toxins which is great for stress, energy and recovery. I’ve been going to London Cryo once or twice a month for a 25 minute evening blast.