Daisy London's Founder Talks Wellbeing, Routines & Inside Her Daily Toolkit

From work mode to mum mode, here's how Ruth Bewsey finds balance every day...

Daisy London's Founder Talks Wellbeing, Routines & Inside Her Daily Toolkit
As you know we're big on the small steps that can help to make a BIG difference when it comes to your wellbeing... that and finding what works for you when it comes to your daily routine. Here, we speak to Daisy London's founder and busy mum of two, Ruth Bewsey to hear all about how she kickstarts her day and rounds it off as well as a sneak peek inside her wellbeing toolkit... 

Wellbeing To Me Is All About Balance

With so much going on, I really do try to think of my general wellbeing as a bit of a balancing act. I like to have a clear mind, a bit of patience and try my best to make good decisions. This often means being super strict with timings and making sure I have set time to be in work mode at the office and time at home in mum mode. It's taken a bit of trial and error but I seem to be in a pretty good place with it now and it seems to be working well for our family.

My Morning Routine Is Some Of My Most Treasured Time

I wake up around 5.45am, and as much as I hate to say it, the first thing I do is check my phone, usually straight to emails. I work with a lot of suppliers around the world, and am usually across multiple different collections at one time, so I like to check in to see who’s got back to me. I'll then have a shower in my dream en-suite. I just love my shower and am so glad I've made it into a space which I appreciate and enjoy every single day. Post-shower, I'll always lather on my NEOM Magnesium Body Butter or the NEW Multi-Mineral Body Milk which is lighter and just perfect for the warmer months. Skincare wise, I love Oskia's Hyaluronic Acid serum - it's a game-changer for hydration and I've noticed a big difference in my skin texture and appearance.  

I'm usually out of the house by 6:30am and on a train to London. I arrive at the office around 7:30am and my rings come off and the Hand Balm goes on. It's then a black coffee and breakfast at my desk. I love to be an early bird as this time to myself when no one needs me is usually when I'm most productive. 


A Clear And Calm Workspace Is A Must

The nature of my work means creativity is key and I find that if my environment is well organised, it really helps my mood and productivity. I love being in the office as it really does help me to have a better work-life balance. We've got a great studio space in Hatton Garden which was recently kitted out by the brilliant team at West Elm. Our team really looks after it and it's such a happy place to be. Music playing is a non-negotiable. Something playing (not too loud) in the background helps keep the energy levels up. That and of course the NEOM Wellbeing Pod which we always have going. Our favourite scent right now is the Happiness one. 


I'm Big On Sticking To Family Time

I leave the office by 4pm every day and I'm pretty good at being consistent with this. I'll get home just after 5pm and spend time with my two children. We always eat dinner together round the table and then I'll do any reading or homework with them before helping them to wind down and get into bed. After they're settled, I'll usually do a bit more work from the sofa and watch something with my other half. He's very patient with my keyboard tapping! 


I Always Prioritise Down Time And Good Sleep

Getting enough down time before bed really is key for me and sleep is so important. I notice a really big improvement in my stress levels if I'm had enough sleep and I like to feel 120%. I get frustrated when I don't feel my best which is definitely something that needs a bit of work. If I feel well rested and clear headed, I can be the best version of myself for my team and for my family. Talking of stress, I also take an ashwagandha supplement every day which does help my general mood. 

I like to be in bed around 9:30pm and always always put my phone on sleep mode. I usually switch off by watching Greys Anatomy which just seems to last forever. I use my NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist every night and even take it away with me when I travel. It's a real sleep trigger for me now and I can't be without it. 


For more about what Ruth gets up to, follow her on Instagram - @ruthbewsey or listen to her podcast - Homegrown Daisy: Jewellery Box Stories where she chats with plenty of famous faces about significant life moments and of course their staple jewellery pieces. You can also shop her dreamy collections over at daisyjewellery.com.