Ella Mills Talks Realistic Wellbeing And Shares Her Daily Routine

From a solid morning routine to the daily habits she swears by, Ella Mills (founder of Deliciously Ella) shares her refreshing approach to wellbeing...

Ella Mills Talks Realistic Wellbeing And Shares Her Daily Routine

Undeniably one of the biggest names in the wellbeing space, Ella Mills (founder of Deliciously Ella) is certainly well placed to talk about living a healthy and happy lifestyle. Alongside juggling her brand and being an award-winning author, she's also a busy Mum of two. Here she shares her refreshing and realistic approach to wellbeing... 


Wellbeing Is About Energy And Positivity 

Wellbeing means something different to everyone but for me, it's all about cultivating lots of energy and having a positive outlook on things. I use very simple tools that truly help to create a healthier life. Living a healthy life should be easy-ish and be able to fit around you. Too often people see the world of wellbeing as rigid, time-consuming and expensive but it really doesn't need to be. Long-lasting wellbeing should never be about restriction, deprivation or compromise... instead it should feel abundant, joyful and well... delicious! For anything to be sustainable, it must be enjoyable. 


I Always Ask Myself 'What's The One Thing I Can Do Today To Feel Better?'

This has really helped me to check in with myself and ensure that anytime I start a new habit, it's something I could do indefinitely on a daily basis so it has long-lasting impact. I find quick and veggie-packed recipes really help, as do 10-minute meditations, time outside with my kids and going to bed a little earlier. Turning off Netflix and not aimlessly scrolling socials does too. 


A Solid Morning Routine Is The Foundation 

Between having small children (I've got two little girls) and a very demanding business, my days can be pretty hectic, so, I swear by my morning routine. I try to get up about an hour before the kids, using that ‘me time’ to do a short breathwork or meditation practice, get myself ready for the day, enjoy a cup of coffee, and listen to music. The day always unfolds very quickly once the girls are awake, so carving out that time for healthy habits first thing makes the world of difference. I do see it as a daily-ish practice though; I like this ‘ish’ because obviously it doesn’t happen 365 days a year and that’s ok. 


My Evening Routine Is More Fluid... And Often Chaotic

Once I get the kids into bed, I make dinner for myself and my husband. I cook almost every evening, which I still really enjoy. I’ll listen to a podcast, put on some music, or call my Mum. I try and see cooking in the evenings as downtime... a moment to switch off, as opposed to another thing on the to-do list. I do love batch cooking though. I normally cook double what I need of anything, ensuring I have delicious leftovers in the fridge or freezer. It takes an extra five minutes to make that bit extra, but dinner is all sorted ready for especially busy days.

We’ll both often end up working for a bit afterwards, catching up on emails or going through various projects. After that I’ll unwind with a TV show or a chapter of my book. I love reading - it’s always been my favourite mode of relaxation and escapism, so I always have a book on the go. I'm also obsessed with skincare. I do a 100-step routine with a face mask and all the rest of it. I like the symbolism of investing in yourself and giving yourself that time at the end of the day.


Daily Habits And Mindset Shifts Make A Real Difference

Learning to ditch an all-or-nothing mentality or a desire to find a quick fix has been key to my wellbeing. I think most of us are prone to searching for those quick fixes and want the silver bullet that’ll instantly step-change our health, our careers, our relationships, etc. I’ve wished for these time and time again and finally accepted that there are no magic answers so I’ve stopped looking for shortcuts. It’s made me happier and better able to handle the never-ending challenges that owning a business (and being a Mum) throws at us on a daily basis.


I Am To Get 1% Closer To My Goals Each Day

I’m easily overwhelmed, especially now that I’m juggling both the business and two small children. The 1% premise has become my life mantra, helping me create manageable daily focuses that, over time, make a huge impact. If you get 1% closer to a goal for a year, you'll end up 37x closer 365 days later. It's like the old Chinese proverb, ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’. It’s all about a step-by-step, brick-by-brick approach. Most of us overestimate what we can achieve in a day, week or month and underestimate what we can achieve in a year or a decade.  


Inside My Wellbeing Toolkit 

I think there's some caution in anyone feeling like they need to spend money on various supplements, gadgets, gizmos – it can make the world of wellbeing feel inaccessible and I’m aware there is no one size fits all when it comes to what we all need. On a personal level, there are a few things I find really help me with healthy habits...

Great cookwear... I love the Our Place Always Pan.

A good blender... I’ve had the same Nutribullet for such a long time and still swear by it. 

The NEOM Wellbeing Pod and all of their Essential Oils. I love Real Luxury for helping to set the tone for a calm evening. 

A yoga mat. This is an essential for at-home classes. I use the Liforme ones. 

The Deliciously Ella app every day for quick yoga classes and my daily(ish) meditation, which is so helpful. Download it here