Eight Wellbeing Trends Set To Be Big In 2024

Posted by Samantha Nice, Dec 22, 2023

Eight Wellbeing Trends Set To Be Big In 2024

As you know we’re big on the small things which can help make a difference when it comes to your wellbeing and whilst we’re not usually one for hopping on trends, we couldn’t help but notice some of the ones set to soar in 2024… 


1. Rethinking Mindfulness In New Ways 

Nothing new, meditation, breathwork and mindfulness practices are all set to evolve with many of us looking to try more deep healing holistic practices like sound baths, crystal healing, energy healing and spiritual ceremonies. 

“2024 will be all about how each and every one of us can raise our vibrations in daily life - both as individuals and as the collective, " explains spiritual teacher Bhavini Vyas. “Attending Satsangs and Kirtans (traditional spiritual ceremonies that may feature chanting and music) will provide the perfect balance for this,” she adds. 

Nicci Roscoe, holistic health and wellbeing practitioner and author of Manifest your Everything adds that crystal healing and energy healing are also set to take centre stage in 2024. 

“Mindfulness is also evolving to focus on crystals, and in 2024 Green Calcite will be the go-to crystal,” she says. “Keep these powerful crystals that help induce calm with you. Hold them when you feel you need to. Put them by your bed at night, under your pillow or hold one or two as you sleep.” 


2. Trying Slower Paced Movement And Exercise 

Thanks to a recent interest in more mindful workouts (think TikTok trends like cozy cardio and soft hiking), David Lloyd Clubs is predicting that 2024 will be the year of focusing on slowly building new fitness habits. 

“This is a trend that’s built to last,” fitness expert Caroline Idiens, tells us. It allows the individual to work to their own rhythms, learning to understand and listen to their body and for this, is a really healthy approach to exercise and overall movement”

Natalie Rose, PT, founder of Body By Barre Studio and creator of the viral 3-2-8 method adds that this helps to build a routine that’s sustainable and accounts for things like energy and hormone fluctuations. “Learning to listen to your body, taking a step back and understanding the energy and hormonal fluctuations can transform both your mind, body and nervous system, too.’ The result? A happier, healthier and more balanced you.


3. Booking Sleep-Focused Travel And Dreamy Retreats 

Here at NEOM we are big on sleep, and if you’re ready to dive even further into your sleeping habits, this trend could be one for you. 

Travel agency Skyscanner has reported that over a third of British people are putting sleep at the top of their holiday agenda in 2024, with 20% of them considering a sleep retreat in the new year. That’s right, a retreat focused solely on sleep. Doesn’t that sound dreamy?

Clinical Psychologist Dr Maja Schaedel of The Good Sleep Retreat explains: “Our lives are so busy and stressful that we find it hard to ‘reset’ our problematic sleep habits and a sleep retreat can be a way to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life and focus on sleep.” 

What’s more, a recent NEOM Sleep Survey found that 93% of respondents would like to improve their sleep, while 68% considered themselves to have a sleep issue. And, for the 93% of those who would be interested in finding out ways to improve their sleep, a sleep retreat could do just the trick. As well as enjoying plenty of shut-eye, sleep retreats focus on helping to improve your sleep hygiene and may include workshops on the science of sleep, relaxation classes, yoga, meditation, time in nature and spa treatments. 


4. Giving Cycle Syncing A Go 

Building sustainable habits is firmly on the agenda for 2024, and cycle syncing can help you to do just that. This trend is all about tuning into your body and building a wellbeing routine that aligns with your menstrual cycle. Personal trainer Natalie Rose explains: “Cycle-syncing encourages women to truly listen to their bodies, and allows for a balanced approach to hormones, reducing PMS, improving mood and lowering stress levels and therefore, cortisol.”

That means, for example, during your menstrual phase when you may feel a little sluggish, you might opt for Pilates or yoga to encourage mindful movement and boost endorphins. As your energy rises in the follicular phase, you might focus on dynamic strength training before peak energy levels during ovulation when you may fit in cardio or circuit training. As you then head into the luteal phase (where energy begins to dip), it’s time to focus on more gentle movements again like the likes of Yin Yoga and walking.


5. Going BIG On Bodycare Routines 

Now, this is a trend we can definitely get on board with. According to the Pinterest Predicts trend report, bodycare is entering the limelight in 2024 with more of us searching the platform for luxury products and at-home spa ideas. Already Pinterest has seen an increase in people looking for ‘spa aesthetic’ and searches for ‘body skincare routines’ are up a staggering 1,025%. 

But, it’s not all about aesthetics, Sharin Shafer, Founder of Skinfluencer dermatology clinic tells us. In fact, taking time to lather on a body wash or massage in a lotion can supercharge your wellbeing. “The narrative of the importance of self-care and its link to positive mental health is everywhere. With a constant negative news cycle and the cost of living crisis, an at-home self-care experience can help you to maintain a positive outlook and help reduce stress levels,” Sharin says. 

“And, a cornerstone of an at-home self-care experience is bodycare. Washing in a beautifully scented body wash or slathering on a luxuriously fragrant lotion provides a spa-like moment and can release feel-good endorphins,” she adds. 

Need some bodycare inspo? Try our Perfect Night’s Sleep Magnesium Bath Milks to wind down or our Great Day Body Scrub for an energising morning boost. 


6. Building Deeper Relationships & Connections

Another Pinterest prediction we’ll be embracing in 2024 is the idea of creating deeper and more meaningful relationships. Research shows that having good quality relationships with family and friends supports overall health and wellbeing, and according to Pinterest there has been an increase in couples and friends looking for ideas to build emotional intimacy. 

Searches for conversation starters are increasing, with the likes of ‘Questions for couples to reconnect’ up 480% , ‘Deep conversation starters’ up 185% and ‘Deep questions to ask friends’ up 85%. It’s clear understanding the value of connection and leaning into community is at the forefront for the new year. 


7. Beating Burnout By Unplugging In Nature 

We know that time spent in nature can do everything from boost concentration and creativity to improve mood and reduce stress - and 2024 is the year many more of us will unplug and turn to nature for a pick-me-up. 

While a weekend retreat in the countryside will certainly help you to de-stress and boost relaxation, it’s all about little and often, and could be as simple as a walk in your local park. 

“The responsibilities of our daily lives, increased screen time, and generally spending most of our days indoors are factors that can have a serious impact on our mental wellbeing and stress levels,” explains Dr. Suzanne Hackenmiller, Chief Medical Advisor at AllTrails who is working with Unyoked on The Global Nature Study in 2024. “Making the small, conscious effort to reconnect with the outside world can make all the difference in how one feels as time in nature has been widely demonstrated to have significant benefits on both our physical and mental health."


8. The Shroom Boom Continues

The ‘shroom boom’ of recent years is set to continue into 2024, with more people turning to functional mushrooms to boost concentration, energy and focus. 

“It’s no surprise that mushroom nootropics, where powerful extracts of medicinal mushrooms are used to enhance cognitive performance, memory and overall brain health, is growing in popularity as we look for ways to future-proof our bodies and brains, while optimising our health,” explains Maz Packham, nutritionist at Nourishful Nutrition. 

Some of the most popular medicinal mushrooms include Reishi, which is rich in antioxidants and said to support stress, and Lion’s Mane which is thought to boost memory and focus. 

Need something to kick start your morning? You can find medicinal mushrooms combined with tea, coffee or cacao, making it easy to level up your morning routine and supercharge your day.