Three Reasons Why A Bath Is So Beneficial For Your Wellbeing

Dr Frankie Jackson-Spence explains all...

Three Reasons Why A Bath Is So Beneficial For Your Wellbeing

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We’re big advocates of the small steps which can make a big difference when it comes to wellbeing - not to mention we love nothing more than a long soak in the tub. Here, medical doctor and podcast host, Dr Frankie Jackson-Spence explains why having a bath is so much more than just a relaxing experience...   


1. It Can Help Calm Your Mind And Help You To De-Stress  

Mentally, a bath can work wonders for helping you to unwind and switch off from the stimulation of a busy day. “Warm baths are relaxing for many reasons but specifically because it can help to activate the para-sympathetic nervous system which is switched on when we’re in a relaxed state,” says Dr Frankie.   

“Having a bath can be much more calming and relaxing than watching TV or scrolling through your phone which both stimulate your brain,” says Dr Frankie. “Try dimming the lights, lighting a candle (NEOM’s Perfect Night’s Sleep for me) and having a warm drink (like a herbal tea) as these too help to boost feelings of relaxation. Which leads us on nicely to...   


2. It Can Work Wonders For Helping You To Sleep Better 

From a physical perspective, Dr Frankie says a bath can really help you to bank a better night’s sleep. “This is because it helps to cool our core body temperature,” says Dr Frankie. “Although you’ll feel nice and warm whilst having a bath, the heat does in fact dilate your blood vessels so when you get out, more heat dissipates from your skin which then cools our body temperature. When we sleep, our body temperate needs to drop by 1 or 2 degrees to initiate and maintain good quality sleep so this helps to mimic the natural drop and therefore aid better sleep quality.” There are several studies (like this one) that suggest those who have a warm bath 1-2 hours before bed did in fact fall asleep quicker and have higher quality sleep than usual.  

“Things like dimming the lights whilst you take a bath (or bathing in just candlelight) can also help your brain to anticipate sleep. This is because light has a big impact on your natural circadian rhythm (AKA your sleep/wake cycle). Darker lighting helps your brain to get in tune, so you’ll likely fall asleep faster and get better quality sleep,” adds Dr Frankie. Talking of light, try making your bath a tech-free zone as blue light from screens will also impact your sleep quality. Instead, pop on a calming playlist, your favourite podcast or grab a book.   


3. It Can Help To Relieve Tired Bodies And Achy Muscles

“If you are someone who is active – perhaps though exercise or just being on your feet all day, then a soak in warm water is also going to help with muscle tension,” says Dr Frankie. “This is because the warmth of a bath helps to promote blood flow to muscles.” Our Magnesium Bath Milk is a favourite for supercharging any post-workout bath as it’s packed with the mighty mineral magnesium which, when infused within a warm bath can help to relieve sore muscles. “Whilst a warm bath is great for all of the above reasons, cold water is also great post-workout for aiding muscle recovery but do be mindful that this will make you feel more alert and awake so save this one for the morning! Interestingly, those who do take cold showers or baths report better sleep quality,” adds Dr Frankie.   


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For even more sleep tips and to hear more from Dr Frankie about the benefits of bathing and a good pre-bedtime routine, have a listen of her NEW Podcast – Vision Of Health where she speaks with sleep expert Dr Sophie Bostock. A good one for popping on whilst having a wellbeing soak!