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Encourage Better Sleep with Candle Sets

Craving better sleep? Each of our candle gift sets features one of our luxury candles packed with expertly blended essential oils and natural waxes. Chosen based on their ability to help you relax and unwind, our candles work wonders for helping you to sleep better. Our candle gift sets are home to our relaxing sleep candles, which are packed with soothing lavender essential oil as well as chamomile and patchouli. 

Once you’ve blown your bedroom candle out you can reach for the other wellbeing gifts. From a calming pillow mist to help you switch off before bed, to matching bedroom diffusers for a constant aromatherapy boost.

Treat Them to a Moment of Calm with Candle Gift Sets

We all need a moment to ourselves and our candle gift sets will give you (or them)  exactly that. Our large 3 wick candles are packed with de-stressing essential oils like jasmine and sandalwood essential oils. Choose from candle gift sets that focus on unwinding with soothing bath foams and home mists. For an extra dose of luxury, try our hydrating massage candles which are perfect for relieving tension at the end of the day.

Looking for a candle gift set to supercharge your morning? Look no further than our uplifting sets with neroli and lemon. Light your lemon candle first thing in the morning, whilst using our uplifting body wash to really kickstart your morning. Finish off by prepping your skin with a zesty magnesium body butter.

Create Your Own Candle Gift Set

Add a personal touch to your gift by creating your very own wellbeing gift set. Start by selecting the scented candle, then choose from our other feel-good favourites such as a luxury electric diffuser that they can diffuser their most-loved essential oil blends from. Or natural skincare - perfect for nourishing their skin AND helping them to relax right before bed.

Wellbeing Boosts with NEOM

Take the first step in your wellbeing journey with NEOM. Treat yourself to our collection of relaxing reed diffuserscalming candles, and exfoliating body scrubs.