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Support Your Wellbeing with Essential Oils for Diffusers

Scenting your home to suit your wellbeing needs has never been easier than with our collection of mood-boosting diffuser oils. Formulated for use in our range of luxury electric diffusers, we have something for every mood or moment. Blending dreamy essential oils to help with sleep, stress or mood, let us help you to find your favourite. 

Better Sleep - The perfect diffuser oil for nighttime blends calming scents of lavender and chamomile to help you drift off. 

Less Stress - After a long day of stress take a moment to unwind by using a soothing diffuser oil like Moroccan blush rose and jasmine in your scented diffuser

A Boost of Happiness - Set the tone for the rest of the day with joyful diffuser oils like zesty mandarin and uplifting ylang ylang. 

Increased Energy - Encouraging a boost of energy in your day with fresh pine and eucalyptus - the ideal way to start the day off right!

How to Use a Diffuser Oil in Your Electric Diffuser

Each of our scented diffusers work in different ways. Our essential oil diffusers that have a water tank, also known as ultrasonic diffusers (or our original Wellbeing Pod), only need 5-10 drops of oil per full water tank. For the larger Wellbeing Pod Luxe, try 30 drops. Once filled, turn your diffuser on and let the fine mist of scented vapour fill the air. 

Our collection of small portable diffusers (our Wellbeing Pod Mini) use nebulising technology. This means they don’t have a water tank. Instead simply place your essential oil bottle into the diffuser and turn on. For those who want to take their diffuser oils on the go, try our unique car diffusers.

Boost Your Wellbeing with NEOM

NEOM helps you to harness the powerful benefits of aromatherapy from the comfort of your own home thanks to our collection of 3 wick candlesroll-on essential oils, and hydrating face oils.