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Sustainably Scent Your Home with Diffuser Refills

 Each of our reed diffusers lasts up to 12 weeks and our diffuser refills can help to make that even longer. Our refills consist of a bottle of diffuser oil to top up your glass diffuser, and a fresh set of reed diffuser sticks too. Once your original bottle is empty, simply take the refill and carefully pour it in to top back up. We recommend changing the sticks too as this will help draw out the new scent even better.

For a smaller space, you can try placing less reeds into your essential oil diffuser. Whilst bigger spaces will benefit from using all reeds in the diffuser refill pack, to really make the scent spread throughout your space. We aim to have a positive impact on our planet and take small steps to make our brand sustainable. The packing and glass refill bottles are all recycled and created in the UK.

Discover New Scents with Reed Diffuser Refills

Has your favourite aromatherapy diffuser runs out of oil? Fear not as our diffuser refills are the perfect solution. Whether you’re rebuying the same scent you loved or perhaps what to try a new one, here are three of our most loved scents you can refill with: 

Diffuser Oils Expertly Crafted

Our range of diffuser refills are expertly formulated using 100% natural fragrances from expertly blended essential oils. If you’re already a NEOM fan and have a scent you love,  you’ll find its diffuser version here. For those who know they’ll love their new product, try the diffuser AND refill set so that you don’t have to wait to top up once the first bottle is finished.

Wellbeing Boosts with NEOM

Enjoy a well-deserved wellbeing treat with NEOM’s range of aromatherapy products. From sleep boosting candles, to portable diffusers to take on your travels - we have something for every mood or moment.