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Find the Perfect Scented Candle to Fit Your Home

Expertly created with 100% natural essential oils and naturally-derived wax, our collection of modern candles work wonders for scenting any space and boosting your wellbeing in different ways. 

Better Sleep - Prepare for a good night’s rest with our dreamy sleep candles which welcome soothing lavender and other relaxing essential oils to help you fall asleep. 

Less Stress - Unwind after a long day with our calming candles which have been blended with tranquil notes of jasmine and rosewood.

Uplift Your Mood - We all need a positivity boost from time to time, and our citrus candles with neroli and lemon will do just that. 

Boost Your Energy - Indulge your senses in the zingy notes of Sicilian lemon and fresh basil to bring energy to your day - whether first thing in the morning or as an afternoon pick me up.

Small & Large Scented Candles for Every Space

Each and every one of our scented candles have been expertly formulated to fill any space with our mood-boosting fragrances. Whether you’re looking for a large 3 wick candle for bigger rooms or perhaps a small 1 wick, we’ve got you covered. We even have a collection of mini natural candle which are great for taking with you on-the-go.

Give a Gift that Keeps on Giving

Looking for a thoughtful gift? Look no further than our collection scented candles. The classic candle gift is great for every occasion, from birthdays, to Christmas, or to simply say thank you. Find the perfect scent to suit their wellbeing need. For the ultimate gift, pair with a matching scented diffuser.

Boost Your Wellbeing with NEOM

NEOM helps you to harness the powerful benefits of aromatherapy from the comfort of your own home. With everything from  traditional reed diffusersroll-on essential oils, and luxury haircare and lots of other mood-boosting must-haves, let us help you to find your next feel-good favourite.